Where is this walk?

Staveley to Longsleddale

March 15, 2017

From Staveley to Longsleddale is a walk forgotten. Rarely done by visitors it is the locals who tread between the valleys. It is an interesting rather than thrilling walk but offers a different side to the Lake District.

The Walk

I have travelled up the long valley of Longsleddale a number of times but always on the way to climb the twin fells over Sadgill, Tarn Crag and Grey Crag. It was time for a change so on a cloudy day in March I looked at the opportunities of exploring the valley more thoroughly . To avoid what could become a repetitive linear walk up and down Longsleddale  I decided to add a crossing of the ‘Green Quarter’ and a visit to Skeggles Tarn from the Kentmere Valley and Staveley at its foot.

It made for a long walk, but an excellent one on good paths with more than enough interest and variety. Longsleddale is totally unlike other Lakeland valleys, quiet and unspoilt with pretty whitewashed farms, whilst the Green Quarter is not overly strenuous with miles of plateau walking in empty countryside.


Skeggles Water is a little off route but worth a visit.

Navigation Tips Staveley to Longsleddale

It may have been better to tackle this in reverse as the views up Longsleddale are constantly improving with every step. Most people have a ‘natural’ way to complete a circular walk but always consider the alternative.

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