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Lands around Loweswater

July 23, 2017

Loweswater is a small lake usually overlooked by those heading up the Buttermere valley. The walk around the lake, particularly around its south western shores, is lovely amongst the trees.

The Walk

I cannot ever remember passing Loweswater let alone stopping and walking its shores before discovering this walk. The lake is slightly off the beaten track (most drivers heading up to Buttermere) but I have found has plenty of loyal admirers. Mist, my border collie, met a few of them amonst the woods.

It is only four miles around the lake. The path however sticks close to the water most of the way which compares well with many of the lakes of comparable size. The lake itself is quiet and peaceful. There are a handful of rowing boats for hire from the National Trust, even a small bothy for hire, and I am assured it is a good spot for bird watchers. The walk through the woods on the south side of the lake is obvious and easy to follow. However the O/S map does not show a track on the north shore, there is one for most of the distance and very welcome it is too with the road so close by.


Have a look for the pretty waterfall of Holme Force in the woods to the south of the lake.

Navigation Tips on Loweswater

It is possible for a fit walker to complete the walk in little more than an hour. However that would be a waste. It is why becoming fixated by a walk time is nearly always inaccurate as walkers stop, dawdle and enjoy where they are. There is a walk calculator on this web page which offers the minimum time that the walk could take if you walk non stop. However remember it is only a minimum. Always add your stopping time which can vary a lot. Often due to the weather! A wet walk is for example is usually a quicker walk.

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