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Walk round Buttermere

October 18, 2018

This short walk round Buttermere is straightforward and highly enjoyable. The views are excellent across the lake, valley and surrounding mountains. Beautiful and accessible for all.

The Walk

Buttermere is an iconic lake, popular but not overly so. On the many times I have walked round Buttermere (either as sole walk or to climb Haystacks) there has always been other walkers but never in great numbers. Nothing to detract from the peace and tranquillity of the valley. The valley that the lake sits in is a beautiful and (along with Ullswater) battles to be my favourite Lakeland valley. It is particularly eye catching during the autumn months when the colours are exceptional. However the blue of the deep, clear lake contrasts superbly with the green grass and grey mountains at any time of the year.

However in Autumn the bracken turns a rich orange colour and the effect is spectacular. The walking itself is very easy with the path on the far side of the lake perfect for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The walk throughout winds in and out of attractive woodland. On the road side of the lake there are a few hundred metres of road walking, the rest is easily avoided.


Discover this short walk round Buttermere on a sunny, autumn day and experience the Lake District at its best. The colours are extraordinary.

Navigation Tips round Buttermere

There is no avoiding the short roadside section from Gatesgarth Farm but on meeting the lake a path heads away from the road towards the lake.

  • Aiofe says:

    How easy is the “easy to follow” route? I regularly get frustrated with struggling to navigate my way around lake walks that are general across farm land, I end up turning back on myself because I worried I trespassing or ill get completely lost.

  • mountain mike says:

    Hi here I am again but today Ive got a full house,Ive got Gav,Debbie,Denise,Anne,Ian,Tony and Nige with me and we are going up Fleethwith Pike and onto Haystacks.Its all new to Deb as its her first ever walk in The Lake District.We all set off the weather is fine and its warm,after some nice little scrambles we are at the top we had some laughs on the way up,not many people around at the moment and Tony tells me it only took an hour and twenty minutes to reach Fleethwith top,after a quick break to refuel and some pictures taken we move onto Dubs Quarry and Bothie.Shortly we arrive at Dubs Quarry and there are three Mountain Rescue Vehicles here it appears they are out training,Bothie checked out and a quick break,wew are on our way to Wainwrights faveroute Mountain,we see a good stream of people coming towards us,the scenery is spectacular and its really warm up here.As we arrive at Haytsacks there is a 60th birthday party going on we make our way to the top and enjoy the views everyone is enjoying the days walk.Time is moving on and we drop down at the back of Haystacks the path is treacherous today,the weather had been wet a few days ago this seems to wash stones downhill,we find ourselves at the junction of Scarth Gap and we can now see Gatesgarth Farm,we drop down through the Gap and the spirits are high its been a great day and we have all enjoyed ourselves bring on Pillar tomorrow.

  • Mountain Mike says:

    Today due to the road being closed down to Gatesgarth Farm Car Park I leave my car in the small car park a mile short of the Slate Mine and decide to get to the top of Fleetwick Pike from Honister Mine.
    Weather is cold snow is six inches deep,as I make my way up the track I meet Chris from Essex a hand shake and quick introductions and we are off to the top.
    Good visibility at first,so some nice photographs as we get further to the top the weather starts to change,we speak to some walkers who are doing their Mountain Leaders Course I ask them where they are going and the course leader tells me …they do not know oops foot in mouth again lol,Chris and I take some more photographs then move on.
    Visbilty is getting worse as we met up with a guy who has come up the front of The Pike and asks for directions to Haystacks,advice given and we are on our way to the top,as we get there a white out begins its time to make a hasty retreat back to the Mine Café to warm up,a good mornings walk and a new friend made.

  • Ruth Hambrey says:

    Did the stunning round the lake walk yesterday, a glorious day. However I sadly can’t do the high tops indicated on your map at the mo’ due to back issues.

  • Catherine Alexander says:

    What is the distance?

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