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Ross Sands, the Best Beach walk In England

March 21, 2024

Just north of Bamburgh and Budle Bay is the 3 mile sandy beach of Ross Sands. It is accessed from the collection of buildings at Ross and the only public path on the peninsula. Once on the beach turn north and head for its northern point, overlooking Lindisfarne, where there are often seals.

The Walk

Ross Sands is stunning. The beach is pristine and largely devoid of either seaweed or any debris swept in by the tide usually seen at other beaches. Turn right and Bamburgh Castle looms large, turn left and it is Lindisfarne. However it is impossible to walk directly to either landmarks from Ross Sands, at least without a large detour. Not being directly linked to these two iconic sites is surely one of the main reasons why Ross Sands is rarely visited.

The walk starts at Ross. Ross is a collection of houses off the coast road between Bamburgh and the causeway to Holy Island. From the parking take the one mile walk through Ross Links along the footpath. There are strong warnings not to leave the path. However there is no reason to as the eye is drawn to the line of sand dunes which protect the beach. Soon a signpost marks the entrance to the beach itself and the stunning views. In the right conditions it is a real wow moment.

I turned left on the sands and headed north towards Holy Island. My target was the two navigational beacons at Guile Point (designed by John Dobson). As I approached the beacons I was astonished to come across a seal colony. I took to the dunes and watched them for half an hour. Me and no-one else for a mile or so in all directions. And that is the real joy of Ross Sands. There is no-one there. The peace and tranquillity was absolute.


Try and head for both ends of the beach, each has a special view. In addition return in the morning and evening, it is very different.

Navigation Tips at Ross Sands

One of the joys of learning to navigate is the ability to find, discover and plan your own routes. Therefore you have the confidence to head out away from the beaten track and find your own special places. So many would have been put off by the mile long walk in they would not have gone near Ross. The navigator is the winner.

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