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Settle Walk with a View

December 14, 2022

The market town of Settle is sandwiched between the River Ribble and the beautiful limestone scnery of the SW Dales. Aside from a short, sharp climb at the start this is an easy walk on good tracks and the best way to appreciate the lovely landscape of this part of the Yorkshire Dales.

The Walk

This is a perfect walk for anyone wanting a taste of the Yorkshire Dales. It is short enough for pretty much everyone to enjoy; the only challenge being the steep but mercifully short climb. From here the views open out across Ribblesdale. Pen-y-Ghent appears ahead of you and Ingleborough you can clearly see it across the dale to your left. Below the track Settle and Giggleswick are laid out in all their glory.

The path to follow is the Pennine Bridleway. Far too soon the path meets a moorland road. Turn left on meeting the road and follow it into the lovely village of Langcliffe. There is a grassy path to the side. Enjoy a visit to St John’s the Evangelist Church (often open for a coffee at the weekend). Alternatively admire some of the picture perfect house built in traditional Yorkshire stone. The return is along the old road, running parallel to the Settle Carlisle railway line.


A simple walk with outstanding views. I have marked the GPS from the train station as this an excellent way of experiencing the Yorkshire Dales. Simply take the train to Settle, complete the walk and finish with a pint/coffee in one of the many hostelries in the town.

Navigation Tips on the Settle Walk

The most difficult part of the walk is to find the lane heading uphill on to the hillside. The road you are after leads uphill from outside the Co-op. After a sharp left turn the lane forks uphill to your right.

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