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Sheffield Pike from Glenridding

January 12, 2022

The excellent walk of Sheffield Pike from Glenridding is often ignored by the thousands heading for Helvellyn. That is a mistake as it is an excellent mountain with spectacyular views over Helvellyn.

The Walk

I have been guilty of ignoring Sheffield Pike, and its neighbour Glenridding Dodd, myself for far too many years as I headed up towards the higher mountains to the east. It is a typical example of a name drawing the yeye away from the reality. Glenridding’s local fell is Sheffield Pike (or Glenridding Dodd) and it would be expected that they would hve many visitors. They do not, certainly Sheffield Pike. This is clearly seen by the state of the path on the wide ridge leading to Sheffield Pike. Although muddy it is not the scar of the popular routes up other Lakeland fells.

The climb of Sheffield Pike from Glenridding is steep. This is certainly true if taking to the slopes just above the old miners cottages (the one I did). There is a less daunting alternative by heading in to the woods to the west of Glnridding Dodd and climbing it alongside Mossdale Beck. From the col between Glenridding Dodd and Sheffield Pike the climb to the Dodd is worth doing. The views over Ullswater are the best! They are still impressive on the summit of the much larger Sheffield Pike (2,214 ft) but from Sheffield Pike the eye is drawn to the long Helvellyn ridge to the east and the pyramidal peak of Catstycam.


The descent from Sheffield Pike starts off heading west until it reaches the remains of the old lead mining quarries. From here the wide track descends towards the youth hostel in Glenridding. The area around here offers a lovely contrast to the more rocky, steeper lands to the east overlooking Ullswater.

Navigation Tips on Sheffield Pike

When planning a walk look for potentially hazards, particularly rivers. In this case Swart Beck near the quarries. In this case I was fortunate to find a bridge or I would certainly have been looking at some very wet feet! In particular look for streams that are on steep ground and in particular those where there is a v shape to the contours. The V on the map contours reflects the V on the ground! After any rain the gently stream can become much more foreful.

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