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Short walk on Blencathra

August 25, 2019

Threlkeld is the base to enjoy this short walk on Blencathra. The views are amazing, particularly above Blease Farm. Add in the lovely village of Threlkeld and just taking to the lower slopes is a delight.

The Walk

I believe that the view from the corner of the wall above High Row Farm on the Keswick side of the walk (258310) is the best view in England. It can¬†be accessed without any difficulty from Threlkeld. To the west Keswick and the north western fells are wonderfully¬†framed. Take up the challenge to name them. Causey Pike, Grisedale Pike and Catbells all fighting for prominence with the bigger hills further south. These are best seen in morning light (even better in winter). However they are surpassed by the view along the Helvellyn range and down St John’s in the Vale. The ridge to Helvellyn appears as a rising step of hills leading to the final climb just short of the far off summit. To its right is St John’s in the Vale, which offers flat fields and small rocky outcrops, encouraging further exploration.

The remainder of this short walk on Blencathra forms a loop around the lower slopes of Blencathra (Saddleback) passing through Gategill Farm. This is the home of the hounds used on the Blencathra hunt. Further to the west is Blease Farm. It is now notorious for being extensively fortunate when a landslip during the floods of November 2009. The loose rock and sludge ran out of power just yards from the farm walls.

Where the stream emerges from the woods above Threlkeld it is worth pondering the madness of fell runners. One of the most popular races goes directly up and down Knott Halloo (the steep hill on the right of the stream). The record currently stands at 28 minutes to and from the pub!


Follow the road west to the Blencathra Centre, an outdoor centre where you will be welcomed,there may even be a local exhibition showing.

Navigation Tips beneath Blencathra

On the mountain slopes just keep the wall below you and you will never go far wrong.

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