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Latrigg and the Keswick Old Railway

November 19, 2018

The walk over Latrigg and returning via the Keswick Old Railway is a must do for anyone staying at Keswick. Head towards Threlkeld via the Old Railway and return via Latrigg which has excellent views.

Update 2021: The Keswick Old Railway walk has re-opened. I have not yet walked it but I am looking forward to doing so.

The Walk

The railway was built in the 1800’s to ferry the many Victorian tourists who wished to enjoy the beautiful countryside near Keswick. They arrived on old steam trains which roughly followed the line of the present A66. Although it was closed in 1972 and the tracks taken up what remains between Keswick & Threlkeld proved to be a popular walk thereafter. However Storm Desmond put pay to this for 4 years. The storm destroyed the bridges over the river and damaged the surroundings. As a result it was only re-opened in 2020. Hopefully it is still populated by red squirrels and a myriad of bird life.

The walk through the trees is very pleasant. The River Greta is a constant companion and there are glimpses of Skiddaw, Blencathra and the lesser known Clough Head through the trees. On emerging from the trees on to Latrigg the nature of the walk alters. Here there is a steady climb of Latrigg. The underfoot terrain is pleasant and the views over Keswick and in to Borrowdale Valley are simply superb. I tend to dawdle on the summit. For me memories come flooding back of my first (along with many others) successful climb aged about 3! It felt like a real mountain then.


Take some time on the railway section reading up on the history of the railway and admiring the work involved in the deep cuttings through the hard Skiddaw rock.

Navigation Tips on the Keswick Old Railway

Make sure you head directly for the long eastern ridge of Latrigg from Threlkeld. At the summit carry on for a few metres west and follow the at that bends north (away from Keswick) to a car park. From here it is a simple return through the trees.

  • Derek Browell says:

    Threlkeld to Keswick is a great walk for Toddlers ,prams and Grandpa’s…Penrith bus to Keswick and its easy peasy for 4/5 year olds…and Grandads with sciatica.Start at the Horse and Farrier.

  • Jonathan says:

    Hi Ann, My reason is to be looking at the better views which are west and south so climbing the easy east ridge followed by the admittedly steeper descent does offer this. The old rail track is fine particularly if you have not done it, I know many who love its ease. Best Jonathan

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