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The Best of Hadrian’s Wall

April 29, 2024

The 7.5 mile section from Walltown to Steel Rigg at Twice Brewed is the best of Hadrian’s Wall. There is some serious undulations and it is not easy but there is so much to see; both Roman remains and more general views. Make use of the excellent AD122 bus service for maximum enjoyment.

The Walk

I completed the full length of Hadrian’s Wall in 2019 (from west to east, the less popular way). The section between Walltown and Steel Rigg was undoubtedly the most enjoyable part. Having said that the additional section to Housesteads is good and can be added to make an 11 mile walk. The reason it is not included is that this is an arduous walk due to the almost continuous up and down nature of the terrain. It can be tiring.

There are no major forts on the walk. Great Chesters (Aesica) is on the route but there is very little of interest to see, the best bits tucked beside a working farm. However there are six milecastles which are in good condition and some extra turrets between. Milecastles housed 20 to 30 soldiers whilst the smaller turrets usually had no more than six. Having seen the size of the turrets it is not surprising there are so few but they were multi tiered. Other Roman signs are the wall itself and the vallum to your right as well as the two modern interpretations of the wall; the Roman Museum near Walltown and the excellent visitor centre at the Sill.

Bus Options

There is an exceptional bus service that runs alongside Hadrian’s wall (well not quite alongside!) between Hexham and Walltown. The number of the service is the AD122 (the year the wall was completed). on linear attractions such as Hadrian’s Wall it is usually better to walk just one way and this is what the bus service offers. this walk is typical.

You will find the up to date service details here

Navigation tips on the walk

There is often a choice of paths on this walk. One follows the wall religiously over every hump and hollow. The alternative skirts sections of the wall at a lower level and is therefore flatter. This is particularly so on the initial section of the walk from Walltown to the woods at Cockmount Hill.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely keep them in mind as I make plans to walk Hadrians wall.

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