Lyke Wake Walk

A walk across the moors of North Yorkshire and ending at the dramatic cliffs of Ravenscar”

(41 miles, 1 day)

The Lyke Wake walk is a 40 mile slog across the Yorkshire Moors. Usually taken west to east the route starts just north of the small Yorkshire village of Osmotherley and ends (well for me anyway) at the Raven Hall hotel under the cliffs at Ravenscar. The official challenge is to complete the walk within 24 hours and was set up by Bill Cowley in the 1950s. The non-official route follows the high lands of the moors where originally the corpse bearers took their grizzly loads. The land is all moorland paths on the walk which can make the route a little challenging to follow but if you take the west to east arrow approach you will never be far wrong.

Typical Walking

The 5000 foot of climbing that is needed to complete the walk does give some idea of the challenge as does the remote nature of the lands. With the exception of the Lion Inn at Blakely Moor there is no other places of refreshment or stops unless some entrepreneurial burger man parks his van at one of the points the walk crosses the 3 roads. I must admit to travelling light and fast on the route though. This is helped considerably by the tracks which are in the main good on the feet and easy to walk on, I forgot my walking boots but trainers were the correct choice anyway!


West Section

East Section

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Personal Journey

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