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Aysgarth Falls

November 11, 2019

Aysgarth Falls is a series of three waterfalls (Upper, Mid, Lower) on the River Ure in Wensleydale. The walk along the river is set in pretty woodland. There is access points to the falls themselves.

The Walk

Aysgarth Falls is an impressive stretch of the River Ure in mid Wensleydale. The Ure passes over 3 ‘ledges’. When I last took the walk after a period of heavy rain, Aysgarth Falls looks mighty impressive and very powerful. Powerful water is great to look at, almost mesmeric, and I believe this is the best place in the Yorkshire Dales to enjoy this. Viewing platforms are ok but I enjoy getting as close to the water as possible and there is a stretch of rock below the lower falls where anyone can sit right on the water’s edge.

The famous scene in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves was filmed on the upper falls. They lie just upstream of the road bridge and it is worth paying the nominal, voluntary fee to get close to where the action takes place. The National Park have sympathetically landscaped the area by the falls. A wide path leading through the attractive woods (suitable for wheelchair/pushchair users) above the falls. There is still a sense of wildness about the area which has attracted so much attention over the yeas.

This is also James Herriot country and I extended my walk above the river and through the village of Carperby (where the Herriot’s honeymooned) adding a few miles but considerable interest to the walk. The views of Castle Bolton may well entice walkers to go that extra 2 miles. However I have preferred to keep the Bolton Castle walk separate from Aysgarth Falls.


Aysgarth Falls is best visited after rains to enjoy it to the full but a summer’s day loitering on the banks is still worthwhile.

Navigation Tips for Aysgarth Falls

Take some care on the windy road between the Upper and Mid Falls.

  • Jonathan says:

    Really difficult to get to in December.The falls are a 5 hour drive away in December and with very poor public transport links. Realistically you need to hire a car though. Thre falls can still be lovely in December (although it gets dark in the Uk in mid afternoon in december) and absolutely safe to bring a baby.

  • Richard Gandara says:

    Hi. I would love to visit the falls. However, I’m traveling to London on December. How far away is it? Are there tours or organized ways to get there? Will the weather be a problem? I’m traveling with an infant. Are falls recommended for babies?

    Thanks a lot!
    Ps, we are traveling from Guatemala, Central America.

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