Where is this walk?

Waterfalls above Askrigg

June 7, 2018

There is a beautiful series of waterfalls above Askrigg. A short wooded walks climbs the slopes above the village. Return via the farm lane which has lovely views across Wensleydale.

The Walk

I found that there are three distinct stages to this walk to the waterfalls above Askrigg. Climbing through the woods next to Mill Gill brought us to a lovely picnic spot above Mill Gill Force and two distinctive waterfalls. However it is the pretty woodland which I found particularly impressive. It is a place to explore the various paths heading in to the woods with their old, knarly trees, ideal for an 11 year old and a 6 year old to have a play in.

After we had nearly drowned Mist in one of the deeper pools we suddenly emerged at the top of Straights Lane and the excellent views down Wensleydale were spread before us. It is a relaxing stroll back to the village and the third stage of the walk – exploring pretty Askrigg! Askrigg was made famous as the setting for Darrowby and the vet’s house used in All Creatures Great and Small but aside from this it is a lovely village, with a splendid church and cobbled side streets where once hand knotters and clock makers plied their trade.


A lovely walk all year the splendid Hay Meadows mean this walk is best done late May and June.

Navigation Tips above Askrigg

The footpath stays close to the river on its climb. There is one point where it leaves and continues alongside a fence but soon returns to the trees next to the waterfall.

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