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Bassenthwaite to Threlkeld

June 30, 2017

The area to the north of Skiddaw is a wonderful place to walk. A good path follows the route from Bassenthwaite to Threlkeld and passes Dash Falls and Skiddaw House before finishing with fine views down Borrowdale.

The Walk

The lonely walk past Skiddaw House is superb. The practicalities are though the walk is best done one way with the help of a driver, 2nd car or the bus. The bus is best and details are further down this page. I have always started at Bassenthwaite on this crossing, as much for the views up Dash Falls as anything However it could be reversed, particularly if staying at Bassenthwaite ie: start with the bus and there is no time concerns.

I have also added Great Calva to the traditional crossing (accessed comfortably from the top of Dash Falls – 700 feet) as I find the sweeping views to the south via the V shaped Glenderraterra quite special and those in to the Remote North an interesting exercise in Wainwright spotting. The track passes Skiddaw House (more impressive from a distance than close up) which used to be stalkers house but is now a wonderfully placed Youth Hostel where you may be able to purchase a coup of tea. It is a great location for the walker, cyclist or explorer but an awfully long walk back from the pub.


A further option which includes more high ground but misses out on Dash Falls is to head north west to Great Cockup and cross the low col to the Knott before heading back south to join the original route at Great Calva.


If you are taking the bus from Threlkeld via Keswick to Bassenthwaite it is the X4/5 taking roughly 35 minutes. The drop off is on the main road 1/2 a mile from Bassenthwaite. Please check latest times.

Navigation Tips on Bassenthwaite to Threlkeld

Just before crossing the River Caldew a path heads directly north to a perfectly coned peak. This is Great Calva and offers some excellent views. Return down the same path, a more direct descent to Skiddaw House will involve wet feet.

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