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Climbing Arnside Knott

July 13, 2017

Climbing Arnside Knott is very satisfying. The hill sits on the edge of Morcambe Bay and any walk on its slopes gives excellent views over the southern Lakes. Limestone outcrops and woodland cover its steep slopes.

The Walk

Initially I climbed Arnside Knott a few years ago in a twenty minute dash after a game of golf at the excellent Silverdale Golf Course. However I have returned on many occasions and hopefully done more justice to this excellent small hill. The walk up its slopes are full of interest. Start with an initial stroll along the shoreline before tackling the northern face of the hill. Outcrops of limestone mixed with areas of woodland pepper the slopes. The gaps through the woods offer a glimpse of the excellent views to come.

On arrival at the summit trig point the views come in to their own. Use the bench and enjoy them. To the North the shallows of the Grange estuary take the eye dramatically to the southern Lakeland fells (see if you can spot the Langdale Pikes seen at an unusual angle). The views to the south and west are dominated by the sands of Morecambe Bay (not to be walked on but great to look at). However the entire peninsula is revealed including the RSPB reserve at Leighton Moss. In addition Arnside Knott is a precious place for wild flowers, best seen in June and July. Sit and watch for the colourful butterflies as they settle amongst the pretty flowers, a typical English summer.


Try and pick a clear day to climb Arnside Knott, the views are truly impressive.

Navigation Tips for climbing Arnside Knott

The best views are on the northern slopes and not on an official rightof way. However a path does skirt the northern slopes, it just takes a little finding. There is no objections to leaving the path and finding your own favourite spot.

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