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The Langdale Pikes

August 26, 2021

The climb over the Langdale Pikes is really a right of passage to the higher Lakeland Fells. The rocky paths and landscape make for a slow day and the lack of height not noticeable and little help! It is memorable.

The Walk

Deservedly one of the most popular walks in the Lakes. It is worth savouring the day on the Langdale Pikes. Do not to scrimp and save time to tick the summits. On my last visit in 2021 I climbed by way of Easy Gully (the right fork at Jack’s Rake). I remember it as being straightforward in my youth. It was not, the scramble on to the boulder is distictly awkward. Tackle Jack’s Rake under the 400′ rock face of Pavey Ark at your own peril. It is a genuine vertigo inducing scramble. There are easier alternatives to the west or preferably the east.  The ascent to Stickle Tarn (at 1500′) is steep and well trodden. However once on the ridge the panorama opens up and the options are endless. The rugged scrambles up to the summit of Pavey Ark are followed by an innocuous stroll over the three famous Stickles of Harrison, Loft and Pike.

Although the pub and hotel at the foot of the Langdale Pikes are both named after the Dungeon Ghyll. The stream of that name is not used by walkers. Climbers may attempt the steep sided gill which rises a few hundred yards to the west of the popular Stickle Ghyll ascent.


I took the girls (aged 8 and 13 at the time) over the Langdale Pikes. They enjoy scrambling but we headed to the right at Stickle Tarn and round the back where there are opportunities for them to mess around. Pike O Stickle was fun too.

A snowy walk up Langdale offers another possibility.

Navigation Tips on the Langdale Pikes

In bad weather the area between Pavey Ark and Harrison Stickle is confusing. Not only is the ground rough but the paths confusing. Remember any dangerous, steep ground is to the south and east. Keep to a line just south of west before the path turns directly south to Harrison Stickle.

The best descent is at Troughton Beck. The path starts at a small stream at the low point between Harrison Stickle and Loft Crag.

  • mountain mike says:

    Hi everyone its Mountain Mike ,todays target is Jacks Rake on Pavey Ark.I am pleased to say I have been joined by Skiddaw Steve Shepherd owner of Ouse Bridge Hotel in Dubwath near Keswick.Conditions are good Ive been doing my homework and its a go,Steve has brought his two dogs with him lets hope he manages,we approach the scree and make our way up The Rake, the sun is shining,Steve goes ahead with the dogs what a guy.I got stuck a couple of times and had to go around although not recommended.There are some tight gulleys on there, the views are incredible though.It was hard where the climb is wet,and its total concentration all the way,(I would suggest that the scramble rating is changed on this climb,this climb does not compare to other Grade One other scrambles in The Lakes)I hope my footage on my Go Pro has worked as I was trying to get some good filming in..Some tight spots later and I can see Steve at the top what a climb now we are off to Harrisons Stickle two Wainwrights done ,a great day on the fells.Next day out Barf and Lords Seat.


    Ran up to Harrison Stickle round the back rather than up to Stickle Tarn absolutley fantastic time 1 hour 20 mins

  • Leon Pillich says:

    We wanten to do this hike yesterday (July 1, 2015). Started out great along the little river flowing down the mountain. Excellent scenery. The claim however up Jack’s Rake turned out to be impassable at the top. We made it all to the top only to find our way blocked by big rocks and no (safe or safe-isch) way to climb over them. So we had to make our way down again, not easy and then continue along the lake till the next path up, which was excellent. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to complete the route so took a more direct path back, but the area has so many paths, there’s always a good one leading in your direction!

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