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High Sneaton Moor

November 9, 2018

Goathland is the base for a fine walk up High Sneaton Moor. Lilla Cross, Fylingdales and the excellent Eller Beck add to the enjoyment of this interesting walk. In addition visit the ‘film star’ station at Goathland.

The Walk

This is a wonderfully airy walk. Stride along the vast open spaces enjoying the vast views across the bleak moors and onto the North Sea. In addition enjoy the perfect start (and finish) at the attractive village of Goathland. I completed this walk on a bright, fresh but showery day which made for spectacular views. Fortunately the approaching showers gave you plenty of time to prepare for them. Stupidly however I had left my waterproof back in Goathland.  Sprinting to the nearest partial shelter (including the cross) characterised my day. However there is something exciting about watching the vast shower clouds approaching from a distance and working out how best to avoid them.

Eller Beck has its own pretty valley but it is only a pre curser for the climb on to the moors. Lilla Cross and the high point on High Sneaton Moor provide an obvious focus for the walk, as does the forestry to the north (do not go in to the forest – it is a confusing place). Lilla Cross is thought to have been placed here in the 10th century as boundary market for the monks from Whitby Abbey.


If this is your only walk from Goathland enjoy the extra mile to look at Mallyan Spout.

Navigation Tips on High Sneaton Moor

The tracks on the moors are clear. Much is on landrover tracks but the paths themselves are good as well, which is a comfort if the weather is bad.

The path at the start of the walk does not follow Ella Beck, it is above the river. However it is worth a simple detour on a path a few hundred metres from the start that dips down to the beck, returning almost immediately.

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