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Waterfalls of Goathland

April 3, 2018

Goathland is a quite sprawling village, full of character, but spread widely across the moors. The waterfalls of Goathland; Mallyan Spout and Thomason Foss, are a short distance from the village and, combined, make for a good walk.

The Walk

It is easy to see why the producers of Heartbeat based their fictional village of Aidensfield on Goathland. It is an attractive village, full of space and surrounded by some of the best countryside in the North York Moors. Before you set out to find the waterfalls take time wandering through the village and visiting the train station. The station was used as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films. The village is surrounded in all directions by the moors but there is no feeling of being overly imposing. In fact they make for just a pleasant back drop.

Head off on foot in any direction is a joy but, if you only have the time or inclination for a short walk I would suggest the waterfalls of Mallyan Spout and Thomason Foss. The former is set in a deep gorge and has the highest single fall in the North York Moors (although it was so dry when I last went it was barely more than a trickle) whilst the latter is located in a tranquil dell. Both are surrounded by woodland. Some of the walking is rough, particularly near Mallyan Spout, but well worth the effort. The whole experience enhanced by the periodic explosion of a train letting off steam.


There can not be a more idyllic hamlet than that at Beck Hole, even better there is a pub to enjoy as well!

Navigation Tips at Goathland

The waterfalls of Goathland are not easy to get at. In particular Mallyan Spot is over some rough and always wet rocks whilst Thomason Foss lies a little off the public right of way. It is worth the effort to visit both.

  • Harriet Wood says:

    I finally found Thomason Foss, not off the Beck Hole road as shown in
    where2walk (might be able to scramble down but no obvious place). Maybe you mean Water Ark Foss?
    On the other side of the bridge from the pub, just up the road on the left is a footpath (signed but no info). It’s a rough rocky muddy path to the foss, and goes no further,

  • Fathom69 says:

    We did this walk on the 24 July 2016. They were parts with very deep and slippery mud. It looks like the trail has been heavily eroded over time making it more of an assault course than a walk for the most part. Please take care especially if it is or has been wet.

  • Chris Redman says:

    I have a group visiting Hoagland next week, with some free time in the village. Please could you tell me approx how long it would take them to wander to Malayan Spout waterfall and back. Unfortunately, I do not have time to recce this.
    Your website is fantastic, by the way! A friend and I walk regularly every week and will be trying some of these!
    Kind Regards

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Chris, it is about 1 hour round trip from Goathland and is wet and slippy!. Worth it though.

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