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Goathland and Grosmont

January 13, 2020

The walk between Goathland and Grosmont climbs initially on to the moors. Here the views open out spectacularly. After dropping in to Grosmont (best place to see the steam trains) return via the old Rail Trail.

The Walk

This is one of my favourite walks in the North York Moors. There is a wonderful contrast of scenery .Start with the upland moorlands above Goathland. Finish with the arrow straight path of the wooded Rail Trail. In addition there is some pleasant section of riverside walking, the pretty hamlets of Beck Hole and Darnholm to explore and the large and better known villages of Grosmont and Goathland to enjoy. Put it all together and this walk becomes a real gem.

At any time on the walk the peace may be disturbed by the outpouring of steam from the railway. Although I am no particular rail enthusiast, the stations at Goathland and Grosmont are certainly worth a closer inspection whether the steam trains are there or not. Goathland is the setting for Hogwarts, the Harry Potter station and Grosmont is the link where two popular train lines meet. The better known steam train from Pickering to Whitby meets the attractive Esk Valley railway. Arundel Hill on the moors has an interesting Roman ditch suggesting it may well have been the location for a fort. Please include in the comments section any further information on this.


It really does make no difference which village to start. However my preference is to take the High Moors first from Grosmont and the Rail Trail from Goathland last. Therefore the circuit is anti clockwise.

Navigation Tips between Goathland and Grosmont

At the bridge at Darnholm head north easterly up the north side of the river. The path bends north west and joins a more obvious path over the flatter moors going due north.


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