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Moors above Osmotherley

August 13, 2018

The Moors above Osmotherley continue deep in to the North York Moors. However the walking (as long as you stick to paths) is quick and easy. In addition you will pass the lovely Jenny Brewster reservoirs on the approach.

The Walk

A long day out on the moors above Osmotherley is one of the best walks in the North York Moors. The walk starts by way of the two reservoirs of Jenny Brewster. Quite who Jenny Brewster is appears to be a mystery, the small stream is also named after her, but it is a lovely place to start the walk. The reservoirs are followed by a steep rise in to the vast plateau of moors. From here only a lonely shooting lodge breaks up views for miles around until the high plateau eventually comes to an abrupt end near Swainby. At this point there are some excellent views over Teesside and beyond to the North Sea.

As you approach the forest lands do not enter but stick to the rim on the open moors before dropping down to Scarth Nick. Here join the Cleveland Way on the highly enjoyable section back to Osmotherley. As a result this is many people’s favourite section, personally I prefer the wild and lonely spaces on the high moors.


There are really very few short cuts on this walk. Certainly on the moors stick to the obvious tracks. However at Scarth Nick it is possible to avoid most of the final climb by following the road to Cod Beck Reservoir.

Navigation Tips on the Osmotherley Moors

It is fortunate the high moorland has such good tracks that criss cross them, even if they are for grouse shooting. They offer quick walking. To access the moors look for the track just over half a mile east of the point where the footpath meets the moorland road.

  • Michelle says:

    if we decide to go with this walk and cut of Scarth Nick how far is the walk altogether .

    we have 48 of us walkaing is it sutible for all levels.

    • Jonathan says:

      Its quite a long walk but not difficult in terms of terrain.
      Cutting Scarth Nick and heading south of the forestry to its east probably saves a mile.

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