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Moors over Carlton Bank

September 13, 2017

The moors over Carlton Bank offer some excellent walking with views towards the sea and Teesside! The old gliding club and a fine trig point break up this simple walk. The low level return is via Faceby.

The Walk

For me the Yorkshire Moors are all about the peace and solitude of the moorland walking. There is no better example of this than the ridge to the south and west of Carlton Bank. It is a steep pull to get there, particularly when you should start in Carlton in Cleveland. However once the steep climb is completed the views over the Vale of Mowbray are wonderful. In addition the underfoot terrain makes for pleasant walking. Passing the now demolished gliding station is a slightly bizarre side show. However do take time to visit some of the more isolated cairns and views on the high moors before dropping in to the woods south of Faceby. This is all access land so it is fine to leave the paths.

Those creating the long distance paths of the Lyke Wake Walk, the Cleveland Way and the Coast to Coast knew what they were doing. By taking this route over the moors of Carlton they included a memorable part of the walk. The views over Teesside may split opinion but there is no denying they are a conversation starter.


Only the mile between Faceby and Carlton is not particularly enjoyable. It can be improved by taking the signed footpath between the two and leave the road.

Navigation Tips at Carlton Bank

Continue along the long ridge of Faceby Bank all the way to the trees. Keep to the highest ground for the best views. A second path above the trees to the north has less impressive views. On entering the trees at the end of the ridge double back through the trees to meet Bank Lane near Faceby.

  • Peter says:

    Road from Carlton is signposted to Chop Gate, not Sutton Bank – the glider club/station has been demolished – the Sutton Arms isn’t open at lunchtimes, & the views are over Teesdale to the Penines, not the Vale of Mowbray – but an excellent walk!

  • John says:

    Wife and kids away so was looking for a good walk – walked this today, what a great walk, thank you so much! Lots of good exercise at the beginning but the moors, especially with the heather in bloom, made it totally worth it. Thanks again!

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