Where is this walk?

Sutton Bank and the White Horse

June 1, 2018

The area around Sutton Bank and the White Horse makes for a very enjoyable circuit but takes a bit of planning. The walk includes the White Horse, Gormire Lake and the superb views across the Vale Of York.

The Walk

The largest example of such landmarks in the fells of Britain (built in 1857 by exposing the underlying sandstone) the impressive White Horse is one of many fascinating distractions on this excellent walk.

The views on the walk over the escarpment are also superb, all the way to the Dales and beyond. The small fishing lake at Gormire a pleasant surprise and the variety of woodland walking all combine to make this one of the most popular places to visit in the Yorkshire Moors. I had decided that I wanted to see all the main Sutton Bank sites in one go and that is the walk which is described. However it is very easy to chop sections off the walk and either wander along the scar, visit the White Horse or enjoy a peaceful walk round the lake.


Avoid Sutton Bank parking to start. I just do not like starting a walk at the highest point!

Navigation Tips at Sutton Bank

Sutton Bank and the White Horse is a great walk to discover all the detail on an O/S map. In particular finding the White Horse is challenging. Then make sure you follow the correct path through the woods. It meets the right of way at 509815.

Finally look at the closeness of the contours near Gormire Lake as it climbs to the escarpment edge. The closeness suggests a steep climb.

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