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Moors above Slaidburn

August 25, 2017

The picturesque moors over Slaidburn lie to the south of the village. On a pleasant summer’s day the extensive views are complemented by the sound of birds song and the rumble of farm tractors. An English picture postcard.

The Walk

I enjoy walking in the Forest of Bowland for two very specific reasons. The first reason is the solitude. The second reason is the contrasting scenery. The moors south of Slaidburn are no exception. This walk passes through farmland and pastures, before rising sharply on to the moorlands of Easington Fell and concluding with a lovely stroll along the River Hodder.

I do however find that some of the farmers are not as welcoming. Tempting as it is to name and shame the unfriendly ones (not that they would care) I will only say how helpful and pleasant the owners of Broadhead Farm were when I inadvertently headed off on the wrong field.

However it is striding out over the moors I find most enjoyable. These are grouse moors and when I was last there they were making their presence felt. Not only did they burst in t action whilst passing but they did so with a loud screeching. The return to Slaidburn along the banks of the River Hodder from Dunnow Hall is very pleasant and for those with an hour spare make for a great short walk.


Anyone who is summit bagging will take the one mile detour to the true summit of Easington Fell (a Marilyn). Although trackless it is much superior to the wet, dreary and desolate ascent from Harrop Fold to the east.

Navigation Tips on the Moors over Slaidburn

The approach to the moors over Slaidburn is via a series of farming fields. The paths are not always obvious so look for the gates or stiles through the walls and fences. You will know you are on the correct track. Alternatively the farmers will shout at you.

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