Where is this walk?

Pennine Way Reservoirs

October 23, 2019

There is a large bleak area of high moorland that marks the Pennine Way between Hebden Bridge and Haworth. On this particular walk there are 4 reservoirs all with straight forward walking around them.

The Walk

The bird life is excellent and there is even a convenient pub to start and finish the walk with. I saw a handful of people on the walk. One runner looking exhausted but the remainder were walkers looking to complete one of the remotest sections of the Pennine Way.

The weather on the October day I chose to walk was benign but it is quite easy to see how bleak it could become in bad weather. It is one of the hazards of long distance walking when everything has to be planned days in advance.There is no incentive to leave the paths. The moorland looks wild and the terrain difficult. However this area does have a number of rights of way and the water board have also added some permissive paths to make access to the reservoirs easy.


This walk gives a good reflection of what much of the Pennine Way is about. If you want to complete the full Pennine Way reservoirs walk test how you feel in these lonely and remote moors. You may love or hate it.

Navigational Tips

There are no difficulties in navigation although the route to Widdop Reservoir is hit or miss.

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