Where is this walk?

Sledmere House and Park

August 22, 2017

There are some lovely views down to Sledmere House from the woods to the south. The village is extremely pleasant as are the grounds in the house. I did not take a tour of the house however.

The Walk

Sledmere House is a beautiful old country house and a walk in the area is very pleasant. The grounds are full of deer, the house and side buildings well kept. However I particularly enjoy the outstanding views of the house from the woods to the south. The sloping gardens offer an excellent perspective across the immaculate lawns. However this is a walk to take your time over and explore (for example there is the burial lands for the family dogs over the centuries!) The house itself is described as part Georgian, part Edwardian and is the one of the best of its type. It is worth buying the ‘House and Grounds’ ticket

In 1911 the house was almost completely destroyed by a fire. With the host seemingly unbothered (legend has it he was enjoying his favourite milk pudding) it was the tenants who saved the priceless pictures, furniture and furnishings of the house. As a result the house was refurbished in a very similar stile. I believe that the Long Library is one of the best in England.


Take your time in the grounds and enjoy the life of a country squire…for the day. Alternatively turn up for the annual Tribfest, a one day event for some of those wonderful (!) tribute bands that ply their trade.

Navigational Tips at Sledmere House

Occasionally words used to describe a building on an Ordnance Survey map will disappoint. Anyone looking for a bright and shiny Sledmere Castle will be simply not find it.

The walk can easily be done either way but I prefer starting with the house.

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