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Stony Cove Pike from Kirkstone Pass

January 2, 2017

Kirkstone Pass is a high place to start any walk. A short climb brings you on to the long broad ridge heading for Stony Cove Pike. The return is via the same route. It is an easy way to get reluctant walkers on to the higher fells.

The Walk

2502′. Many use Kirkstone Pass as the gateway to the far eastern fells. They will pass over Stony Cove Pike (Caudale Moor) almost without thought (maybe a tick) and head for Thornthwaite Crag and onto High Street. I confess I have done this and ignored what is actually a lovely ridge opening out to some great views down in to Brothers Water and Ullswater. For a young child wanting to get on to a high peak without too much effort Stony Cove Pike offers a great opportunity.

The Kirkstone Inn (another good reason to finish here) lies at nearly 1,500 foot. The climb itself just over 1,000 so the enjoyment certainly over ride the effort involved. It is quite a steep start. The rock face of St Raven’s Edge offers some good scrambling opportunities before leading on to a broad ridge. The summit is well placed for views of the Far Eastern Fells and even though returning by the same route is the only sensible alternative, the alternative perspective make it feel very different.

I took these photos on a snowy day. It was lovely, nothing like walking in the high fells with snow underfoot.


To encourage reluctant children this is a great walk, the height is gained so easily and there is some scrambling fun if desired.

Navigation Tips on Stony Cove Pike

Its a rare walk when you have to return via the same route. This is the case here. Any other route requires a long and tiring detour.

  • Susan Ironside says:

    I love the sound of this walk because I am 75 years old and sadly cannot do the big climbs any more. Can you park your car near the start of this walk please?

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