Where is this walk?

Troutbeck Tongue

January 27, 2017

With good views over Windermere Troutbeck Tongue is an unusual Wainwright tucked, as it is, between higher mountains. The walk from Troutbeck is interesting and unusual but it is the ridge itself that makes the walk.

The Walk

There are not many quiet walks near Windermere but it is unusual to meet anybody on the Wainwright of Troutbeck Tongue. The summit is low (under 1,200 foot) and can be accessed easily from a short climb up its nose. However it is much more enjoyable if proceeded by an exploration of Hagg Gill. Hagg Gill is a pleasant meandering stream leading up eventually to Stony Cove Pike. The excellent track also makes it very enjoyable in its lower reaches.

At the path junction the north end of the Troutbeck Tongue ridge can be attained easily and quickly. After a short climb join a path meandering along the half mile summit ridge – the views gradually improving at each step. The summit is a good viewpoint. Enjoy looking down the Troutbeck valley towards Windermere before a steep descent leads back down to the farm at Troutbeck Park. It is a one mile return to Troutbeck. A really pleasant walk when the clouds are low on the higher fells.


This is an easy family friendly walk of interest on a cloudy day. Much better than stomping grumpily around Ambleside or Windermere or getting lost on the higher fells.

Navigation Tips on Troutbeck Tongue

On the ridge of the tongue there is no official path. However the ridge line is the best place to follow and fortunately there are gaps in the walls that criss cross the fell.

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