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The Other Borrowdale

July 16, 2018

The ‘Other’ Borrowdale is situated near Tebay on the M6 (sounds great!). However the walk goes through a unspoilt valley and returns via the rolling countryside on its north side. Amongst other things there are interesting views of the M6!

The Walk

There is a sizeable clutch of beautiful unspoilt land to the north of Kendal. The best is sandwiched between the M6 near Tebay and the A6. It is dominated by the ‘other’ Borrowdale which cuts a deep (but wide) swathe through rolling fells that are more reminiscent of the neighbouring Howgills than the Lakes to the west. I have looked at these fells year in year out as I sped up the M6 but never bothered to stop and investigate them more closely.

On my first visit in 2010 I explored the valley without really knowing what to expect. I walked up the valley from the east expecting to make a long loop to the south. However on arrival at the stepping stones near the A6 I changed plans and headed up to the rolling hills to the north which cling closely to the Borrowdale Valley. It was good choice. The walking on the ridge is excellent (there is a path) and the views interesting with the M6 to be seen but surprisingly not heard. Try it.


A political one. Please extend the boundaries of the National Park to include this lovely area, it is well deserving and in review at the present time. It has happened.

Navigation Tips in the Other Borrowdale

There are no real paths on the grassy ridge to the north of the valley. Therefore pick your way from rounded lump to rounded lump. If in cloud take a bearing between them.

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  • Michael Hendry says:

    We walked up from Huck’s Bridge via Ashtead Fell to Whinfell Beacon and then back up the Borrowdale Valley. The best part was that we hardly saw anybody on the high part, and only a few when we came down to the stream side track. Magnificent windless, sunny weather although the visibility was not very good. All those poor souls driving up the M6 without any idea of the nearby beauty. I would let the masses stay round Ambleside and keep places such as this for the few!! The stepping stones at Huck’s Bridge end were not passable when we visited.

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