Where is this walk?

The Swindale Valley

May 12, 2017

The Swindale Valley is one of a few barely visited valleys on the eastern fringes of the Lake District. The northern ridge of Swindale has some lovely walking and views across Haweswater and the Ullswater fells.

The Walk

Like thousands of other who head for the higher fells of the Lake District I had never completed a walk in the little known Swindale valley or knew it existed. This also goes for any of the large chunk of land which lies between Shap, Longsleddale and the head of Haweswater in Mardale. In fact the entire area seems uninteresting from the M6. However a more detailed exploration showed how wrong I was.

I headed on to the wide ridge which runs between Swindale Common and the Old Corpses Road (there does seem a number of Corpse roads in the Lakes!) under Sallows. The ridge combines typical Pennine moorland with equally typical Lakeland outcrops of volcanic rock. Although Haweswater never quite comes in to view but there are some good views from Kidsty Pike and round the head of Mardale. The head of Swindale valley is also a lovely place to be. This is a result of the steep waterfalls (including Hobgrumble Gill) descend both sides of the valley with Swindale Beck meandering though the green fields at their foot.


It is easy to extend the walk from the Swinside valley  by continuing over Selside and even Branstree and return higher up the Swinside valley.

Navigation Tips in the Swindale Valley

Whilst walking along the ridge stick to the northern edge of the wall till the path becomes a farm track. At a small stream leave the track and wall and head north to the high point of Hare Shaw.

  • Anna Grant says:

    Might try this tomorrow… the views of this valley from the M6 definitely is not not interesting

  • Cynthia White says:

    My maiden name was Swindale, and our family originally came from the village of Swindale. My brother John Swindale visited the village many years ago and was delighted to make the connection. We live in Junee in NSW Australia, and visited Keswick in the lakes district in 2015.

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