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Walk in Arkengarthdale

September 7, 2018

Langthwaite is the start of a walk in Arkengarthdale which leads to the pretty hamlet of Whaw. The riverside walking is pleasant, particularly on the east bank of Arkle Beck.

The Walk

Arkengarthdale is a real find. A pretty valley stretching north from Reeth and squeezed between the bleak moors that characterise much of Swaledale. I thought it was lovely. I prefer to start the walk in Arkengarthdale from Langthwaite and walk north, the land between Reeth and Langthwaite not so attractive or easy to follow.

However starting from Langthwaite the land is an oasis of green, pretty buildings all grouped beside Arkle Beck. The schoolchildren were out playing rounders, the lapwings adding their chorus and the locals seemingly friendly and helpful. If there is a nicer place to live I have yet to find it! Langthwaite is famous for being used in the title shots for the iconic series ‘All Creatures Great and Small‘ (first series). However further up the valley is the more remote Whaw, one of a number of special little settlements that dot the landscape. In addition half way along the valley is Scar House, a lovely old Georgian House and now a shooting lodge for the Duke of Norfolk.


If you are in a car drive out of the north end of Arkengarthdale towards the Tan Inn (the highest pub in England) and enjoy one of the great Dales roads, bleak, remote but quite magnificent.

Navigation Tips on the walk in Arkengarthdale

Cross the footbridge at Faggergill, half a mile upstream from Whaw.

  • Susan Lucas says:

    August 2021 – East bank – after about 15 minutes from Langthwaite you reach the road by the huge shooting lodge (on your right). But the east bank path off the road (down to the river bank) is now overgrown/impassable. So instead 1) you can go left across the river and then to the new trail on the west bank (being careful to follow the actual trail and not across private land nearer the bank) OR 2) you follow the marked OS trail to the right (up the road past the house), and then take the next marked trail off to the left, up the hill and across. This is leads to quite a big detour (say + 20 minutes). The last part walking back down to the road is through fields where there are cows and even a bull – so dogs will need to be carried this part for about 20 yards to the side style into the next field. Very soon you get back to the river, but it is a long detour uphill if you are not fit.

  • Mrs Angela Swallow says:

    We have recently returned from our first motorhome trip in North Yorks / Keider forest – with a stop over at the finish to the lovely city of York – which was all amazing. I have just read through the list of your lovely walks in the Nrt Yorks v impressed

  • Due to floods, we presume, some of the crossings are down. You need to cross the river at Whaw rather than at Faggerhill. This was the case at the end of Jul 2020.

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