Hadrian’s Wall Walking Holiday

84 miles. Hadrian’s Wall Walking Holiday

“A lesson in history amongst remote and unspoilt countryside”

Hadrian’s Wall path crosses the north of England from the North to Irish Sea. It is 84 miles long and is book marked by two large cities, Newcastle and Carlisle. Between the cities is the remote country of northern England, intermingled with traditional villages, farms and of course the wall itself.

The itinerary below is the most popular but you may wish to plan shorter or longer days. Just let us know what is your preference on the enquiry form or call to discuss what is best.

For more details on Hadrian’s Wall (and my personal account of the walk) refer to our Hadrian’s Wall section.

Suggested Itinerary East to West (7 days/8 nights)

Day 1. From Wallsend to Heddon on the Wall 15 miles

Highlights: The Quayside, the Sage and bridges of Newcastle.

Day 2. From Heddon to Chollerford/Hexham 15.5 miles

Highlights: The Vallum, Chesters Fort and open countryside.

Day 3 From Chollerford to Twice Brewed/Haltwhistle 12 miles

Highlights: Housesteads, Vindolanda and views north.

Day 4. From Twice Brewed to Gilsland 9 miles

Highlights: Great Chesters Fort, Greenhead and Roman museum.

Day 5. From Gilsland to Newtown/Brampton 9 miles

Highlights: Birdoswald Fort, Banks and end of the uplands.

Day 6. From Newtown to Carlisle 9 miles

Highlights: The River Eden and Carlisle with its castle.

Day 7. From Carlisle to Bowness on Solway 14 miles

Highlights: Waders on the Solway Furth and the River Eden.

Typical 5 Days Walking/6 nights Itinerary 

It is perfectly possible to combine days 3 and 4 and complete the Cumbria Way in 5 days.

Our Hadrian’s Wall Walking Holiday includes

  • Advice on the best day by day breakdown
  • An accommodation booking service
  • Strip Maps and Guide Book.
  • Daily Baggage Movement (if required)
  • Emergency contact details

Please contact us via the Enquiry Form or email jonathan@where2walk.co.uk for further details and prices. We will email you a sample itinerary and quote within 48 hours.

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