Navigation Skill Courses in the Dales

The Navigation Courses that we run will give you the skills and confidence to get out and explore the dales, moors and mountains with friends and family. Jonathan is a fully qualified and experienced instructor and the courses all operate in the wonderful landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.

Navigation Skills for a Beginner or those who want their present skills refreshing. Focussed on walks on paths and including some compass skills.

Hill Skills Training Days for more experienced walkers who want to leave paths and explore the mountains and moors of Britain.

Navigation Training Weekend. This combines both days in a course aiming to take someone with limited experience and give them the confidence to explore the wider countryside.

Private Day. Contact me direct if you wish to book a bespoke day of training for you or your group specific to your needs.

Newton Moor, near Long Preston

A 1-day course for beginners who want to be able to use a map confidently in the outdoors, plan your own walks and follow paths and other linear features. 

  • Understand how to use map symbols and scales, on a variety of maps.
  • Plan a suitable walk that takes you away from the crowds.
  • Orientate the map with and without a compass enabling you to ‘read’ the land around you.
  • Choose simple navigation strategies and routes.
  • Estimate how long a walk will take using the map.
  • Understanding contours and how to use them to assess the steepness and shape of the land.
  • Use relocation techniques using the land around you
  • Understand access rights and responsibilities inc the Countryside Code.

2024 Course Dates (All Saturdays)

29th June (I place remaining)

30 June

31 August

12 October

Contact us directly if you are a private party wanting a tailor-made day.

Using handrails

A 1 Day course for ‘Intermediate’ level navigators wanting to develop their skills in open countryside and mountains. A particular emphasis on contours and compass work. 

  • Use a compass to take a bearing both in clear and cloudy conditions (ie: from the land or from a map)
  • Follow a bearing accurately on rough/featureless ground.
  • Employ relocation strategies when lost on open ground.
  • Understand and apply the following components of a navigational strategy ‘aiming off’, ‘attack points’, ‘collecting features’.
  • Learn how to use contour features effectively; both large and small, on the map and on the ground.
  • Judge distance accurately on the map and on the ground.
  • Understand ‘mountain awareness’ and how it helps confidence on any given walk.

2024 Course Dates:

1st Sept (Sunday)`

Contact us directly for a different date if you are a Private Party wanting a tailor-made day suitable for your skills. Call 07824 304060 or email

Our 2 Navigation Training Weekends are specifically for those who want the extra time and space to develop their skills. Combining the raw elements of both training days should offer more confidence for anyone to explore the outdoors.

Course location: Settle area, Yorkshire Dales. £130pp 

For further details of the Navigation Training Weekends follow this link.

2024 Course Dates:

Aug 31st/Sept 1st

Further Information

Each 1-day course will have a maximum of 7 and a minimum of 2 participants.

Maps and Compasses are provided and tea or coffee will also be available before we head outdoors.

Please bring the following items for the course. Sturdy walking boots/shoes, outdoor clothing suitable for the weather and a packed lunch.

If you would like to book accommodation in Long Preston or nearby Settle I can advise on our preferred places.

Find out why I think using a Map and Compass is still essential in these times of technology.

Contact us on 07824 304060 or if you have more questions or unsure which course is best for you.

  • Ange Morley says:

    Completed my 1 day navigation course and finally after loads of different people trying to teach me how to take a bearing with a compass, Jonathan finally got it to click in my head. He passed on a wealth of knowledge and clear to see he is passionate about walking out lands. Classroom based morning then outdoors for practice in the afternoon. Facilities were great and he even let me bag the local trigpoint. I will be back for the hill skills course. Thank you Jonathan

  • Hilary and Tony says:

    We went on the beginners navigation course last week and it is worth every penny. I feel as if I can (with a bit of practice) really begin to get so much more out of walking. The course is really well structured and in a small group. Jonathon is really good at explaining everything and making it interesting. I hadn’t begun to realise just how little I knew, even though I knew it wasn’t much. It’s absolutely fascinating as well as being immensely useful.

  • Gerard Crawford says:

    What a fantastic day I had ,I learnt so much from Jonathan, he was so patient and knowledgeable. After the morning classroom session we put what we had learnt in to practice in the afternoon and it was so brilliant, I would recommend that anybody wanting to know how to read a map and plan a route go on this course.

  • Justine & John Kelleher says:

    My Husband and I completed the Beginners course on 15th October 2022.
    We learnt so much in just one day.
    We did some Theory in the morning , then spent the afternoon putting it into practice on a fantastic walk.
    Jonathon is great, he explains things so well and has a lot of patience !
    We have gained so much confidence and can’t wait to try our new skills out.
    Highly recommend this course.

  • Vivienne Birch says:

    I completed the beginners course last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought I could read a map reasonably well but found there was an awful lot I didn’t know. I particularly enjoyed the practical afternoon using the compass which took some time for me to do properly but Jonathan was very patient and approachable. I feel I now have a new useful skill which I will enjoy practising. Would throughly recommend the course

  • John Dickson says:

    2 July with three companions I was introduced to the niceties of map reading and compass work by the very personable Jonathan. A good day : theory followed by on the ground practice. I learned a lot! Very enjoyable and thoroughly recommendable.

  • Peter Marsden says:

    I booked the 1 day navigation skills course for me and my Mum and we both had a wonderful time. Jonathan is very patient and explains everything clearly, encourages relevent questions and discussion. The walk itself was lovely (the weather definitely helped) and we both feel much more confident in planning walks and navigating after attending this course.

  • Mahmoona says:

    Really useful course – been meaning to go on a navigation skills course for years and my only regret is I wish I’d done it sooner. I was worried I might not get the concepts but there is a good mix of theory and practical work with plenty of opportunities during the day to practise what you have learned and repetition of key elements such as taking bearings and gauging distance travelled. I feel confident enough to have a go at it by myself. The outdoor element is at a good pace too if you’re not too fit like me!

  • Susie Hoyle says:

    I wanted to gain more confidence in planning my own walks using a map and compass so the beginners navigation course was ideal for me. Jonathan is welcoming, friendly and a great teacher. I enjoyed learning new skills and had fun putting them into practise while making new friends, all in one day! The course is really good value for money and I highly recommend it. Thanks Jonathan.

  • David Deakin says:

    Hi Jonathan
    Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the Intermediate Navigation Course yesterday.
    Your method of going through the fundamentals first worked great for me.
    A Very rewarding and useful day delivered in a friendly patient and professional manner. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you.
    Best regards David

  • Martin Hawer says:

    Having a basic grasp of navigation using a map my wife, Denise and I thought it would be a good idea to better our knowledge as a team so decided to attend a navigation course together. We found Jonathan’s courses on the web, held in Long Preston which is only an hour away from home so decided to book the intermediate course.
    We’re so glad we did, Jonathan is a very good and patient teacher both in theory and out in the field, he tailors to your needs where he can and makes the whole experience very enjoyable, as the saying goes, “time flies when you’re enjoying yourselves” this was certainly the case, we wished it could go on longer because it was really informative and detailed.
    We had good fun and are looking forward to using our new skills out in the hills.
    If you’re looking for a good navigation course to attend then go to Jonathans, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Stephen Wilson says:

    I went on the Beginners course on Sunday 3rd April 2022, a good informative and interesting day learning to use Maps then introducing the use of a Compass, Bearings and Pacing then being able to see where you are with view points around us then relating these on the map, a good day outwith a nice set of folk, I’ve always liked using Maps from driving PSVs/HGVs for nearly 18yrs, this has opened another view on using them, thankyou Johnathon for a good day.

  • Margaret says:

    I’m so glad I took this course. Jonathan covered all aspects of finding your way and orientation and reading the map versus the landscape. He explained everything very clearly and really made sure we had grasped the idea and could repeat it while out walking. Very patient and reassuring. We got instructions vie email as follow up to the course. I have much more confidence I’ll be able to navigate myself and already ordered a compass.
    And the walk was lovely too. Looking forward to exploring the area more.

  • Michele Webster says:

    I signed up for a basic course because I wanted to learn some practical navigation skills and at the end of the day felt much more confident to tackle the paths less traveled! Everyone in our small group really appreciated Jonathan’s knowledge and friendly encouragement. Highly recommended!

  • Janet Briggs says:

    My sister and I completed the 1-day map and compass course on Saturday and I just wanted to say what a great day we had. Jonathan was a great teacher, very clear and instructive, but also very patient when we needed to go over something again. The rest of the group were friendly and cheerful and we all had a good laugh along the way. Until now I’ve always followed walks in book. But now we’ve learned the basics I can’t wait to try out my new map and compass skills using an OS map! I can definitely recommend this course!

  • Katherine Ward says:

    Today I completed the basic one day navigational course. I would highly recommend the course, it was such an enjoyable day learning new skills in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. It was a small group of friendly people having lots of laughs throughout the day, meaning the whole day flew over.
    I am feeling more confident about using a map and looking forward to going out and exploring areas that are off track.
    “Thank you”, Jonathan for sharing your knowledge and delivering the course so well.

  • Jan Spence says:

    I did the one day beginners navigation course, July 2021.
    All previous comments say it all but I will just add, if you’re considering this course, do it! You won’t regret it. Took me a long time to finally book, but now wish I had just got on with it earlier!
    I learned a lot and am recommending to anyone that will listen! 🙂

  • Sue Trott says:

    As a solo walker, I would take a map but also a guide book – sorry Jonathan! But I’m happy to say, after everything I learnt on the beginners navigation course, I will only be taking a map and compass when I go out exploring in future. The day, from start to finish was really enjoyable. Jonathan is an excellent teacher with lots of patience. He explains everything in simple terms and was happy to show me time and again when I ‘got lost’ on my map.
    I would definitely recommend booking on a course with Jonathan, whether you are a complete novice with a map and compass or would like to develop your navigation skills.
    I’m looking forward to putting my navigation skills into practice with newly found confidence, thanks to Jonathan!

  • Steve & Ann Dale says:

    We did the one-day beginners course and learned so many new skills and techniques. It was a great day and Jonathan is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He was very patient with us and has a great sense of humour.

    We are going to apply the skills we learned and then go back for the intermediate course!
    We would recommend this course to anyone who goes walking!

  • Ron Laden says:

    We have just completed the Intermediate one day course. It was just right for us. We were reminded about everything we had forgotten over the years and especially how to really read a map and extract the maximum amount of information. This is a coaching course led by a superb coach. Already recommending to others.

  • James Sturdy says:

    Having a basic knowledge of navigation, I was keen to further my knowledge of it and attended the intermediate course with Jonathan in April 2021. I found the course well structured, just the right length and it really prompted some ‘light bulb’ moments during the day. I never realised how much I was missing when reading the map! Definitely improved my confidence with map and compass and looking forward to putting it into practise in the mountains! Thank you for a great day.

  • Katherine and Nicky says:

    An exceptionally enjoyable and interesting day. We went on the beginners course and it was perfect for our needs. The morning was spent reviewing maps and then we put this in to practice during the afternoon. Lots of time to practice a range of techniques. Really useful day full of practical tips which we have used already! Lots of opportunity to ask questions. Definitely recommend! A great day out too.

  • Anne says:

    Another great day out with Jonathan on the intermediate course, which included some navigation uphill across a bit of fairly featureless rough grassland/moorland up to a trig point (only visible in the last few yards) in open access area – so lots of good practice with setting and following a bearing. I really enjoyed building on what I’d learnt on the beginners day, and spending a day in good company with the other people on the cours

  • Gayle says:

    Even after 25+ years of map reading and hill walking there was still plenty to learn from Jonathan on the intermediate course. Some of the new knowledge about OS maps is a complete revelation and the day will definitely give me more confidence to plan walks that head off the paths safely (and lawfully!).

    It was a lovely day with lovely like-minded company, many thanks

  • Rachel McTurk says:

    With some trepidation my son and I took the one day beginners navigation course with Jonathan at the end of August. We need not have worried, it was a pleasure from start to finish. Jonathan teaches with patience and humour and builds upon the skills throughout the day. We learnt so much and feel confident enough to tackle unknown walks and find our way home.
    Jonathans love of the countryside and pleasure in encouraging others to enjoy the outdoors is to be admired.

  • Jennifer Fitzgerald says:

    My husband and I attended Jonathan’s navigation day recently. It was a very informative and also enjoyable day, with desk learning put into practice in the afternoon on a beautiful walk. Jonathan was patient and took the time to answer all our questions and help us through. We came away feeling more confident about using maps and exploring the countryside on our own.

  • Annie says:

    I went on the one day beginner map and compass day in late July 2020. Jonathan had sorted out all the necessary Covid-19 precautions (this was pre-mask advice so hand gel and spacing mainly). There were 6 of us on the course. We spent half the day indoors learning about grid references, basic features/symbols on a map, and then how to orientate a map to the real world so you can use it outside on a walk, and how to take a compass bearing to help get from A to B. After a quick lunch (bring your own) we went out for a ramble around Long Preston for the afternoon to put it into action with a map and compass. Despite being a regular walker, I learnt a huge amount and went away much more confident and ready to practise the new skills. I’ve now booked on the follow up intermediate course. Jonathan is a great teacher, and keeps the course timings on track whilst catering for different knowledge and questions.

  • Adam Bennett says:

    My partner and I completed the one day navigation course on 4 July 2020 – the first one after the Covid-19 lockdown. The course was very useful, informative and good fun. Jonathan is very patient and exceptionally knowledgeable. I can also reassure you that social distancing can be maintained, sanitizers were provided and care was taken by Jonathan and the others on the course. We would highly recommend Jonathan’s courses and books.

  • Renia says:

    Myself and my partner completed Jonathan’s Map and Compass Day for beginners on 19.10.19. It was exactly what we’d been looking for and because of Jonathan’s patience and good humour, we are now much better equipped to tackle local walks on our own with a map! Jonathan took us through how to read maps and how to use a compass which we then put into practice in the afternoon finding our way on a short walk. I would recommend Jonathan to all who need a patient and friendly teacher.

    Thanks again,
    Renia and Rebecca

  • Jeanette Aitken says:

    I attended a beginners course with Jonathan on the 19th October and would highly recommend it. I can’t believe how much I learnt in one day and how much of the information I’ve managed to retain, which I think is down to Jonathan’s skills as a teacher. It’s a tremendously interesting day whatever your reason for wanting to attend the course. It’s also fun and unintimidating so you can ask questions whenever you like and even ask the same question twice or more if you get stuck. Thanks for a great day Jonathan!

  • Karen Braddon says:

    A group of us completed a one day navigation course. We were a mixed ability group, a couple of us having very little in the way of navigation skills, but the day benefitted all of us.
    We arrived at the venue feeling a little nervous but Jonathan quickly put everyone at their ease.
    Jonathan is an excellent teacher with seemingly limitless patience! The day was informative and also great fun. We left on a ‘high’ eager to get out as soon as possible and use our new-found skills.
    I would recommend the course for everyone from the complete novice to those who want to improve the skills they have.
    Thank you, Jonathan. We will definitely be booking a follow up day!

  • Bill Brason says:

    I completed the beginners one day Map & Compass course with Jonathon on the 8th September, I learned a lot about map reading and using the map & compass together, Jonathon is really patient when he’s explaining different points and you may not be grasping it straight away. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to get to grips with navigation and I will be booking the Intermediate course to take my new found skill to the next level.
    Thanks Jonathon for a great and very informative day.

  • Jeff & Rita says:

    We attended the intermediate course (with a little trepidation!) and found it to be just what we needed. Jonathan cut down the information into bite-sized chunks with lots of opportunities to ask questions at each stage so that when we went out into the local environment with our maps and compasses we found ourselves confidently striding-out to identify and target features on the ground with no problem.
    We had previously been totally dependent on our GPS unit so to find ourselves using traditional methods (with no batteries) that we had previously considered too technical was very rewarding. If you’re thinking about it – don’t hesitate. You’ll be in very good hands.

  • Frances Bryant says:

    I recently went on the one day intermediate navigation course with Jonathan and really recommend it to anyone who wants to feel more confident out in the countryside or on the hills. He is an excellent teacher, patient and thorough, and, in a small group, was able to give attention to the skills each person needed to improve on themselves. If you are wondering how to pinpoint where you are exactly on a map during a walk, or how to take a compass bearing, or just what you should be considering when planning a day out in the hills or dales, this is the course for you. I would highly recommend Jonathan’s courses.

  • Paul and Jo Bayley says:

    My wife and I recently did the Intermediate Navigation course in June with Jonathan. We had done the Basic Navigation course in Sep last year.

    The Intermediate course was certainly different and taught us new things from the Basic course, which were useful and will be well used in the future.

    Jonathan is a very good teacher and only goes as fast as the slowest person so no issues about getting left behind.

    I would recommend all beginners do the Basic and then the Intermediate course unless you are confident that you are advanced enough to go straight on to the Intermediate course. If in any doubt about which course then contact Jonathan.

    We can’t recommend these courses highly enough. Just give them a try.

  • Phil Eames says:

    A group of friends from Northallerton completed the navigation course last week. The course was run by Jonathan for our private group and he was kind enough to travel across to Sutton Bank to make it easy for us. Although we are all experienced walkers we all learned a lot from an enjoyable day, even down to some simple aspects of map reading that we’d never really thought about. The route planning, pacing and direction-finding aspects were really useful, especially as we’ve all experienced situations of potentially being lost in bad weather. On our first walk since the course – Scafell Pike – we immediately saw the benefits of taking bearings to find the desired way down and pacing to distinguish between different path options. I’d recommend this course as essential for all hill walkers.

  • Phil Eames says:

    A group of us from Northallerton have just completed the one day navigation course as a private group. The course was based at Sutton Bank Visitor Centre and Jonathan was kind enough to travel over to us, which was a great help. Although we are all experienced walkers we all found the course really enjoyable and informative; we all learned things that we wished we had known some years ago, even some basic map features, but the planning, direction-finding and pacing aspects will be really useful, especially as we’ve all at some time had the experience of feeling lost in bad weather. We’ve already been out up Scafell Pike since the course and experienced some points in the walk where taking bearings and pacing could have been very important had the weather been worse. I’d thoroughly recommend this course as a “must” for all hill walkers!

  • Jane Fish says:

    I almost didn’t attend the beginners navigation course, as I was recovering from tonsillitis but it was well worth the effort. Jonathon explained different aspects of map and compass navigation clearly and patiently. The classroom teaching clicked into place, when we went out walking and put different techniques into practice. I’m looking forward to putting my new found knowledge to the test, over the summer months. Happy walking!

  • Suzanne and Simon says:

    Attended beginnings course Sunday 5th May brilliant day we both learnt lots and will put into good practice, There were 7 people on the course which was ideal, so we could all have an input – Jonathan was very patient and explained everything so we could all understand. This course has given us both the confidence to go out and feel reassured that we could use both map and compass correctly. Thank you Jonathan

  • Helen McClorry says:

    I attended the Map and Compass course for beginners last weekend. It was a really excellent day, with so much information given in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Jonathan showed great patience and good humour throughout, giving us the skills to navigate safely, and showing us how to use features of the landscape to help navigate.
    It has certainly helped in giving me more confidence and to make my walking even more enjoyable.
    Many thanks, Jonathan!

  • Barry Bennett says:

    I have just completed the beginners course (May 5th.) I have got into walking as a healthy passtime over the past couple of years especially. This year I decided I wanted to learn more about how to navigate better and plan more adventures based on walking and hiking. I researched various courses and companies but I enjoy reading Jonathan’s column in the Telegraph and Argus in Bradford every week and I wanted to go on one of his with Where2Walk. I am very happy with my choice as he strikes the right balance between the educational and learning side of the course with the enjoyment and social aspects. He also is great at bringing a group of people who haven’t met before together. I’m not always fond of group situations but I was very happy and comfortable on my course and we had all made good friends by the end of the day. It was one of the best days I’ve had for a long time 🙂

  • Nick James (and son: Nico) says:

    Having not pulled on walking boots since my teens (I’m 49 now!), my nine year old son and I have recently started and are thoroughly enjoying it. We’ve tackled numerous (circa 10 mile) walks as listed in guidebooks including the Yorkshire three peaks, Malham, Kettlewell, Grassington etc etc but I really wanted to “get off the beaten track”, away from the crowds and try something a little more challenging (which was the general consensus for everyone else on the course). His mum would kill me if we got lost so I thought it prudent to learn basic map reading, navigation and compass skills. We both thoroughly enjoyed Jonathan’s course and I am fairly confident that I can now avoid calling mountain rescue (and a divorce). I learnt so much in such a short time. I had no idea that a map contained so much information and how to put the information to good use. Jonathan is extremely patient and his village presents a beautiful, unspoilt backdrop. I would highly recommend to walkers of all abilities. Nick

  • Carl says:

    I recently went on the Intermediate course and both thoroughly enjoyed it and found it really useful. I’ve yomped up and down the fells in the Lake District for over 20 years with a map (though I learned some new things about maps during the day too), but have never learned compass skills. After a day with Jonathan I’m now comfortable with compass navigation which I hope to find useful when next a path disappears under a heap of snow! As others have commented, Jonathan is friendly, knowledeable and patient, and strikes just the right balance between learning and enjoying the day itself. I’d highly recommend to anyone thinking about booking.

  • Cate says:

    I completed both the beginner and intermediate map and compass course during March and April. It was really helpful to complete them within a short space of time as the intermediate course helped me to review what I had learned the previous week and then build upon that. I have used a map to plan and complete walks for some time but having some expert tuition really helped me to understand how to get the best out of planning and walking and to feel more adventurous. Together with my new ability to use a compass brings a level of confidence about going off the main routes and still staying safe. Both courses were a good mix of classroom learning and then practical application during a walk in the amazing countryside behind Long Preston. Johnathan is a very relaxed and patient teacher who creates a great learning environment; I never felt rushed to ‘get things right first time’ and appreciated his checking that I was actually using newfound skills properly. It was a ‘good fun’ way to spend a couple of days and comes highly recommended.

  • Julie Campbell says:

    Had a really interesting and fun day on the Intermediate course. Jonathan was very friendly and patient and a great teacher. I began the day not having a clue how to use a compass and came home over to moon to now fully understand it. I’m just annoyed that I didn’t book on the course sooner. Well worth the money! I also have Jonathan’s “Dales 30” book, so armed with that and my new compass skills, I should be set up for my walks for a while! Thanks Jonathan!

  • sarah connell says:

    We have been recommending the beginners map reading course to all our friends after a pleasurable day realising how little we knew about map reading despite being regular walkers. Jonathan is a very good teacher and made a chilly day in the Dales both instructive and fun. We have been practising since and what we learnt has transformed how we understand a map.

  • Jo Saville says:

    Myself and a friend attended the beginners course in March and had a very enjoyable day. The course itself was excellent and Jonathan has a great teaching method by using a mixture of sharing his knowledge then letting you try for yourself. He also has endless amounts of patience and nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend his courses to anyone wanting to learn not just navigation but everything else about enjoying walking in the countryside.

  • M Hewitt says:

    I’d almost given up on being able to read anything but a road map, and certainly never thought I’d manage to make sense of a compass. After 3 hours of theory on the theory of OS maps and how to use a compass, Jonathan launched us onto the landscape; armed with a map, a compass, and his gentle determination that we would all manage to navigate a route around Long Preston. I live in the area, but have never really explored it in the way we did on our course, I would normally stick to the well worn paths of the dog walkers of the area, worried about getting lost if I strayed.

    During our 4 hours of walking and navigating, the landscape was becoming easier to “read” and relate to the two dimensional markings on the map. Jonathan was patient and encouraging; ensuring each of us in the group was understanding the tasks and making the most of the day.

    I now feel able to try a walk with a compass and map, planning it in advance, and having the confidence to follow my bearings. I just need to get out there and get practicing!

  • Jon Maurer says:

    I said I’d be back [after the basics course] so there I was a few months later on a cooler, more cloudy, and more breezy day, for the second installment 🙂

    As before, we did some ‘classroom’ learning and then went out walking. Even though we started from the same place as for the basic course, the paths we went on this time led to much more open landscape on which to practice both the basic skills and now the additional skills as well, with a lot of good tips thrown in for good measure. Not that I plan to go hiking in white-out blizzard conditions, but you never know…..

    As before, Jonathan was a calm, clear, and very patient teacher, and despite the few short showers toward the end of the day, time seemed to pass quickly and before we knew it, we’d all had turns at leading our small group along paths and across countryside with precision (well, mostly, anyway) and descended from the moorland back into Long Preston.

    Now I have to find time to go practice.

    Thanks again, Jonathan – hope to see you again soon.

  • Paul and Joanne Bayley says:

    My wife and I both went on the 1 day Beginners Navigation course at Long Preston. Jonathan’s method of teaching is very good and allows everyone to understand each point before moving on. He is very patient with everyone. Both my wife and I learnt a great deal which has allowed us to tackle walks with navigation already that we wouldn’t have done previously.
    He has extensive knowledge and is very willing to answer all random questions although not related to the course!
    He even timed the weather so we were inside for the rain and outside for the blue skies and sun!
    Highly recommended to help build up confidence.
    We will be doing the intermediate course in the future.

  • Jopn Maurer says:

    Attended the Map & Compass course on Sunday June 24th. Couldn’t have asked for a better day – sunny and hot (but not too hot!). Even though I’ve been walking all my adult life and even before, and using OS maps most of that time, I attended because I wanted to learn more about reading and better understanding the maps, using a compass properly (which I’d never fully grasped), and to generally learn skills around navigation.

    Jonathan is very knowledgable and an excellent communicator and teacher, and having a small class size allowed him to give each of us personal attention without holding anybody back. I learned multiple new and truly useful things in just the first 5 minutes of the course, and it just got better from there. After the classroom part, we headed off and navigated our way around a circular route practicing the skills as we went, each of us taking turns to lead. Jonathan coached us all as we went along to make sure the lessons stuck 🙂

    Anyway, it was a great day and I’ll definitely be going back for more advanced tuition!

  • Andy Garner says:

    Anyone wanting to appreciate just how much information is embedded in an OS map and to apply this knowledge to navigate with confidence really should attend Jonanthan’s courses. The Beginner and Intermediate Map & Compass days work in perfect harmony. Jonathan’s relaxed and convivial manner combined with lots of practical application make the courses suitable for novice and experienced walkers alike.

  • Jonathan & Marina says:

    Attended the Navigation Course set by Jonathan at Where2Walk on Sunday 29 April. We attended the beginners course. Both my partner and I found this course to be invaluable. It has given us a lot more confidence to head out without the guide books which we so heavily relied on in the past and to start planning our own routes. We will be back to attend the intermediate navigation course, once we have built on our skills from the beginners course.

    Jonathan’s teaching style was brilliant, from the ice breaker in the beginning, to having us lead different sections of the walk later in the afternoon. Jonathan discusses the map with clarity and ensures that there is no confusion over any of the points. Questions are answered promptly and with good knowledge, you can be sure that you will be in good hands if you book on to one of these courses.

  • Julie Rowley says:

    My 12 year old daughter and myself attended Jonathan’s one day beginners’ navigation course on October 22nd 2017. We didn’t really have any prior experience so we learned a lot in a very relaxed, informal setting. We felt very at ease. We all got on and had a lovely walk round Long Preston to put the theory into practice. We had such a great time and were so engrossed that the time just flew by. I feel inspired to buy a compass and map and get out and practise what we’ve learned. Jonathan was very patient with us all I would like to thank Jonathan for a very enjoyable and informative day. My daughter Joanna and I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you!

  • Chris Turner says:

    I have recently attended one of Jonathan’s beginner courses. I found the course perfect for learning the basics of map/compass work. I would highly recommend Jonathan and his coaching methods!
    Chris Turner

  • Shelby says:

    Finally put what we had learned from the beginners course last year into practice. Very humbling to be miles from civilisation, without seeing a soul for hours, yet to be able to pinpoint exactly where you are in the world. I loved that and was very chuffed to plan and navigate a 30 mile route, without it ending in divorce!
    Thanks to Jonathans teaching style, everything sunk in and stuck, invaluable skills to have.

  • Ian says:

    Two of us attended the intermediate course in September, which was excellent. There was a very engaging introductory desk session, getting us comfortable with maps and learning how to read and interpret them to see what lies behind them. That got us into the way of thinking about maps, and becoming more confident in our interpretations and judgement. That greater confidence was in many ways the best outcome of the whole day. The bulk of the day was then taken up with navigating around the Long Preston area, linking the map to what we saw and where we walked, and building confidence in taking bearings, and using them.
    Jonathan has a really good style, very inclusive, drawing you into his knowledge in a low key way that makes you learn, and want to learn more yourself.
    In short, a really interesting, positive and different way to spend a Sunday; very enjoyable and very good value.

  • David Bradley says:

    I went on the beginner’s course along with my Wife and met another two people on the course so had a nice sized group of the four of us.
    The classroom based element of the course was enjoyable and I gained lots of useful information before our afternoon walk.
    Utilising what we did in the morning session we had an enjoyable walk in the afternoon around Long Preston applying our new found skills.
    Jonathan’s teaching style was informative, without been too intense which seemed to suit the group well.
    We left after an enjoyable day with a far better understanding of the basics of using the map and compass. Thanks Jonathan.

  • Andrina Greenlaw says:

    Attended the beginners one day course 3rd July, with Jonathan who had his work cut out with me! Going on my own felt a bit nerve wracking, but Jonathan was so approachable and friendly that it was a really enjoyable day. It was a lovely group of women and we had a really fun day learning the theory and then putting it into practice. Jonathan was very patient and happy to go over things several times. I just could not get into my head getting the bearings from a map but was never made to feel daft about this. Just patiently went over it again with me until I understood it. I came away having had a thoroughly enjoyable day wandering around some stunning countryside and much more confident about putting my newly acquired map reading knowledge to the test. All in all, fantastic value for money and could not recommend Jonathan enough for anyone who wants to learn these skills.

  • Andrew Lynch says:

    The intermediate course was a fantastic learning experience, giving a full insight into the
    importance of what the map shows as a primary feature and then moving onto all the
    compass practices that would make for a confident and safe day out on the hill.
    Superb value for money!

  • Lene Ryden says:

    My friend and myself had a beginners navigation course at Easter 2016. We were greeted by Jonathan who was friendly and welcoming though we arrived late.

    The navigation course was really helpful, done in a small group, with patience and clear explanations, which supported us all in managing to follow a map and take readings from a compass.
    The following day we met up with Jonathan again and the three of us ventured further afield into the Yorkshire Dales where we took compass readings, followed the map, took compass bearings and counted out or steps. It was a lovely and enjoyable day with Jonathan who is easy to be with, knowledgeable and interesting.

    Thank you, Jonathan.

    We are doing a walk in the Lake District this summer due to your excellent teaching and support.
    Miriam and Lene

  • Nurul Nadzirin says:

    I did the intermediate one day navigation course. I can say that in one day, Jonathan has taught me more about map-reading than what I can self-teach in a few months! He explains well and is patient; I and the other student felt like we could ask anything. Beyond the technical skills, his passion for the hills really shone through, which made it feel like I was just having fun in the outdoors with new friends. I would recommend his courses in a heartbeat!

  • Joanne and Callum says:

    Enjoyed the one day map reading and compass course in along Preston. Jonathan was knowledgable and enthusiastic and made the day a great experience. Felt like we picked up lots of tips. Even the Great British weather couldn’t dampen our spirits! A great day – thank you.

  • Norma Cottis says:

    I together with my friend have just attended the map and compass course on 7th June.
    Jonathan tailored the course excellently for our standard and I thought the practical side on the 3 hour walk navigating the route and the compass bearings including the pacing was great.
    Jonathan was very patient and understanding of our memory lapses being OAPs!
    A great day out would recommend anyone who wants to learn about maps and compass.

  • Joan Farey says:

    My friend and I went on this navigation course and wondered if anyone could hammer home to us the art of compass reading (both of us are pensioners). Due to Jonathan’s patience and excellent teaching skills, we came away from a really enjoyable day with that knowledge and great confidence.

  • David Higgins says:

    Clear, informative, and well-delivered. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop their confidence walking in the hills.

  • Kat Fox says:

    My boyfriend and I attended the beginners map reading course last month and both thoroughly enjoyed it. Learnt loads and are now able to make up our own walks instead of having to follow a guide book.
    We would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their kowledge of map reading/basic compass work.

    Thanks Jonathan for a great day.

  • This was the first time me and my wife have been on a map reading coures. I do a lot of mountain biking using maps but I learned so much on the day that I didn’t know about. My wife has never used a map and can now take coordinates and know how long our walk will take. I would recommend this coures to any one who does out door walking or cycling.
    despite the bad wheather we all had a great day out and Jonathan spent time with us all and explained his self really well. Thanks for a great day out

  • Sharron says:

    Thanks for a great day Jonathan. Booked on the course as part of preparation to walk Hadrian’s Wall later in the year. Learnt an enormous amount and by the end of it, despite having no idea how to use a compass at the start of the day, I have been given the confidence I needed to navigate my way across the country (even in bad weather!). As indicated in other comments, Jonathan’s teaching style is clear and patient and the pace of the day was just right. The Dales played their part too – sparkling in glorious spring sunshine.

    • Sonia Richardson says:

      Attended beginners course which was really good. Jonathan is very patient and teaching is very clear with him checking your understanding at each step. Now confident about planning walks and using map and compass Great course and will return for the intermediate one. Thanks Jonathan.

  • Helen says:

    The intermediate day was a useful course on using a compass and I also learnt a bit more about detailed OS map use. I now have more awareness of route mapping and knowledge about how to get out of a dodgy situation when caught in bad weather in featureless territory. A well-structured day and enjoyable, as well as challenging.

  • David Brown says:

    I attended the intermediate course run by Jonathon in October this year (2014) if you want to brush up on your map and compass skills and gain confidence in the use of both then this is the course for you. The course was run in a friendly relaxed manner and Jonathon explained all aspects in a clear and understandable way. 10/10.

  • Mark & Lisa says:

    We are not new to walking having done many Lake district peaks, but we are not very good with map and compass therefore we either stick to the main route or end up scrambling down a hill side.
    We decided it was time to gain some knowledge and attended one of Jonathan’s one day courses, we found the day very helpful and really enjoyable. Two hours informal classroom work followed by the afternoon on the hills was just right and has given us the confidence to now plan our own routes.
    Many thanks Jonathan

  • Martin Patchett says:

    My friend and I decided it was time to be able to take walking on a weekend to the next level. We wanted to plan a walk rather than print one.
    We checked out courses on the web and came up with Jonathan at where2walk and I’m so glad we did. He was excellent at explaining things and very patient too.
    It was a very relaxed atmosphere on a red hot day. I would be very confident of planning a route myself , which was the aim. I can now take a compass bearing and it’s all down to Jonathan.
    I hope to go on a more advanced course after some practice.
    I would without doubt recommend this informative , fun , relaxed course to any one.

  • Helen Olney says:

    The course was fantastic. A great refresher of things I’d learnt a long time ago and lots of new information too. Jonathan tailored the course to us – based on our knowledge and what we wanted to get out of it. He’s very patient and very knowledgeable and it was a lovely day out in a beautiful part of the Dales. I now feel much more confident venturing off on my own and navigating around. I’d highly recommend the courses for anyone going out walking. Many thanks Jonathan

  • David Smith says:

    I attended the Intermediate navigation course run by Jonathan at the end of March and found it to be informative, enjoyable and great value for money. As someone who already understood the basics I wanted to gain confidence to be able to navigate in the hills when weather conditions/visibilty are poor and the course definately provided the further knowledge and skills that I was looking for.

  • Sue Kahn says:

    I can highly recommend this Intermediate navigation course. Lots of fun, wonderful scenery and very pleasant company. Jonathan gave me the confidence to have a look at my OS map find my grid lines and match everything up so I could definitely find my way home, plus enjoying the beautiful Dales countryside.

  • Cindy Hughes says:

    Attended the one day intermediate course last week ran by Jonathan and found it very informative and enjoyable. There were three of us of similar abilities on the course and I definitely came away with more knowledge and confidence on how to use both a map and compass out on the hills. Looking forward to practising the skills learnt. Thank you for a great day.

  • Sheelagh Coles says:

    My friend and I completed the one day navigation course last week run by Jonathan. We had some prior knowledge of navigation but a lot to learn. Aswell as being a very enjoyable, and relaxed day, I do feel I have learned something. Jonathan not only knows his stuff but knows how to share his knowledge in a non-elitist friendly manner and with humour when appropriate. He was also very patient when we took hours to work out our compass bearings! I would certainly recommend his courses and guiding services.

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