Gear Review

There is no doubt that having good gear can help make a walk more enjoyable. Over the years I have had some rotten, inappropriate gear which has meant that I have completed past walks soaked through, badly blistered or simply uncomfortable. I am now too old to be macho about this! Over the last few years I have gradually accumulated a set of gear I like and I am comfortable with – they may not be the best on the market (some are) but for myself they are ideal.

Here is what I use…


This is the most important item of clothing/gear for any walker or climber.

1. Summer, Spring and Autumn walks – the staple!  Berghaus Explorer Trek plus GTX. I have used Explorer boots previously and they have proved to be robust, waterproof and comfortable whether on tarmac or rough fellsides.

2. Winter walking/Rough , wet summer walking. Scarpa Leather Boots have satisfied me for many years during winter months, protecting my foot, keeping them dry and if necessary stiff enough to take a crampon.

I do have some cheap, lightweight ‘trainers’ for shorter summer walks in the dry when the goretex boots seem a bit over the top.

Waterproof Jacket.

Mera Peak jacketI am presently using the excellent Berghaus Mera Peak.  Described as storm proof this robust jacket has certainly kept me dry and warm. Definitely more of a winter jacket it is surprisingly comfortable over an extended period walking. There are plenty of pockets, the hood rolls away and is quite flexible. It has also retained waerproofing over a number of years!

In the summer I use the Deluge Pro lighter weight jacket from Berghaus.


Fortress Windproof fleeceI look for wind proofing and a certain element of waterproofing in my fleece although comfort is key. Fortess Windproof is ideal and I like the hood!


I use Montane Terra Pants and despite the fact they are shower rather than rainproof they are exceptionally comfortable. I could not do without them. I have some lightweight overtrousers for when it becomes very wet.


An Arrete 45 Rucksack for day walks. Simple with little annoying accessories and comfortable. Packs tight when needed.

Berghaus 65 plus 15 Bioflex for long hard days wild camping in Scotland   The pockets are convenient to use and a good size. The orange straps certainly make you stand out. This is now out of stock.


I have an excellent 2 man Terra Nova tent which has served me well for nearly 10 years – lightweight and simple to put up in the wind it has yet to spring a leak. It is tight for ‘2 men’ and better suited for a more friendly companion or in my case Mist the dog!

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