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Dry Valleys of Thixendale

June 3, 2019

The dry valleys of Thixendale are the feature of a delightful walk in the Yorkshire Wolds. The paths are very good and the villages of Thixendale and the church at Wharram Percy book end the walk perfectly.

The Walk

Thixendale is a little gem, tucked deep in one of the impressive chalk valleys which so characterise this part of the Yorkshire Wolds. The walk itself tends to stick to the higher chalk scarps rather than the valley floors. As a result this retains the views and is easier walking.

I headed off to Deepdale to visit the ancient village of Wharram Percy with the remains of a still impressive church but it does mean repeating a section of the walk. It is even possible to walk beyond Wharram Percy and return via its namesake farm. However I decided not too (only due to time constraints). Combining the excellent walking above the dry valleys of Thixendale with the idyllic village of its name (and some nice warm weather) made this one of my most enjoyable walks of the year.


Avoid the cows in Deep Dale are over friendly – say no more.

Navigation Tips above Thixendale

The entire walk is on the Wolds Way or one of the many Centenary Way long distance footpaths. This means it is well signposted. The Wolds has the best signage in the north of England!

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