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The ‘Dales 30’ Challenge

Whernside Trigpoint

The 'Dales 30' are the mountains in the Yorkshire Dales National Park over 2,000 feet with a 30 metre drop on all sides (100 foot when all said and done). The full list is here. Over the past few years increasing numbers of people are taking up the challenge of climbing these mountains, I know this from the number of 'Dales 30' books I am selling, a rough and ready guide which hopefully reflects...

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5 Reasons to take a Charity Walk

Summit of Harrison Stickle

If you’re thinking about whether you should go on that charity walk or run, the answer is to just go for it. Walking is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises you can do. And if that’s not enough to convince you, here are five more reasons why you should definitely go on a charity walk. [caption id="attachment_39925" align="alignnone" width="752"] Walking for...

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My Favourite Mountains (in the UK)

Place Fell from Patterdale

How many times have you sat around and discussed the best mountains or hills in Britain? Certainly I have. My favourite mountains are not what many would describe as the 'best' but more a subjective view of the mountains and hills that I have enjoyed being on more than others, memorable occasions. They cover most of the UK, there are not many mountains I have not climbed. Anyway no more...

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Blencathra in Spring

Threlkeld in Spring

The light was perfect as I completed a short walk along the slopes of Blencathra from Threlkeld. I have taken a number of photos along this walk but none in Spring. It completes the set! The walk itself starts and finishes from Threlkeld and involves very little climbing although the daunting bulk of the mountain dominates all. The walk details are here. [caption id="attachment_39672"...

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Access Land, Explore it, Enjoy it

I have just spent a pleasant half day walking and exploring the rarely visited western flanks of Whernside. Heading up from the col between Kingsdale and Deepdale to the summit, I then kept to the western side of the summit ridge wall and explored the 3 Tarns of Whernside. I returned to the col via the scar overlooking Deepdale, mainly on a sheep track although some of the route was trackless. I...

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Enjoyable Snowy Walks

Steep walking above Settle

There is surely nothing better than a winter's walk on a clear day, with snow on the ground. The low sun creates an excellent light which even an amateur photographer can make look good, the walking is easy on the hard ground (as long as the snow is not too thick) and a cosy pub is definitely a great way to finish. ...

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The Hills ARE an Outdoor Playground

I received a letter the other day complaining about the difficulties of one of the walks on Where2walk concerning a climb up Blencathra. He said it was too dangerous and finished his letter with the phrase "the outdoors is not a playground, it is a dangerous place". I nearly fell off my bar stool. Of course it is a play ground. ...

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Navigation Skills and Guided Adventures

Take some exercise, connect with nature, learn a new skill (or brush up on an old one) with our course dates for guided walks and navigation skills now available. We have a full calendar of events to enjoy the outdoors in 2019. ...

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10 reasons why I enjoy walking

I have walked all my life, not just a stroll round the streets, but proper walking. From when I can first remember I walked. Whether along the beaches of Northumberland, the steep climb up to the Haven at St Abbs or in the Lake District. Here my Dad's first thoughts were not what walk his child could do but simply which fell we would climb. Oddly enough I was slow learning to walk. My mother...

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Walking a Long Distance Footpath

There is something immensely satisfying in walking a Long Distance footpath. Travelling long distances across the country (or a number of maps) and finishing in a completely different place is always full of interest and satisfies a primeval need in many of us to explore and conquer. All over the world these long distance walks (trails if we live in America!) are becoming increasingly popular....

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