Where is this walk?

A snowy Walk near Settle

December 3, 2020

A steep climb from Settle brings you in to some lovely limestone countryside with great views over the Ribble Valley and beyond.

The Walk

This is a fine little walk at all times of the year. However I have only included it after taking the girls on a fun, very cold and snowy walk when their school was closed. The photos turned out very well as they tend to when white snow (what other kind), blue sky (plenty of other kinds) and limestone dry stone walls combine.

For those planning on taking this walk take less note of the mileage but the the amount of climbing that is required. It is a very steep climb from Settle but the views are well worth it. If snow does not lie on the ground the highlight is the limestone scenery. The light grey rock is a remnant from the days when the Yorkshire Dales was under water. It is best seen in the limestone scars on the walk towards Attermire. At the time a warm sea covered the whole area. Here the rock formed when the marine creatures of the time died and fossilised. It is a strange thing to imagine on this snowy walk near Settle.


When the weather is so cold but there is proper snow do try and get out and explore. The initial pain is always well rewarded and an experience that will live long in the memory.

Navigation Tips on a snowy walk from Settle

When walking in snow there are a couple of key, but obvious, things to remember. You will not be able to see the paths on the ground and everything takes a lot longer and is more tiring. Therefore dry stone walls, fences and the steepness of slopes become important navigational aids. Finally when navigating on a snowy walk …. enjoy it.

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