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Lanes Above Long Preston

July 3, 2018

The lanes above Long Preston offer a wonderful selection of walks which will suit all walkers. This one takes you along country lanes, visits a waterfall and passes through attractive Dales countryside.

The Walk

Being able to walk from the door and be into the Dales within yards was one of the major reasons that we bought a house here. From St Mary’s Church and along Long Preston beck is as good as it gets and because people do not tend to stop in the village, it is quiet as well. However I like to walk further up from the beck, aiming towards the perfectly formed Rye Loaf Hill.

Langber Lane was the main road between Skipton and Lancaster over 100 years ago but now is never used except to get to the lonely but immaculate Bookilber Barn. However the forestry commission have utilized 100 acres of land as part of its wonderful initiative of replanting and recreating the forests of old. This woodland, named Hawes, is in its infancy but in 10 to 20 years I would be expecting an established eco system of birds and small animals living under the woodland mix of birch, rowan and oak trees. When Hawes is combined with the similarly forward thinking Long Preston Deeps programme in the floor of the Ribble it provides a great example of what can be done to protect and improve an already lovely area.

As the walk is over higher ground there are some excellent far reaching views both of the Settle limestone cliffs on the outbound lane and of Pendle Hill and Ingleborough on the inbound old road which used to link Long Preston to Settle.


A short detour off the road above Settle brings the delightful wooded copse enclosing Scaleber Force. It is particularly impressive after the rains.

Navigation Tips for the Lanes of Long Preston

This is the area I hold my Navigation Training courses. The participants have all tramped the lanes, walked the paths and crossed some pathless countryside.

  • Jonathan says:

    We have passed through Long Preston probably thousands of times and never stopped – apart from a couple of times at the Rohan shop. We recently saw your walk in the Telegraph and Argus and set out to do it yesterday – myself, husband and our 2 Border Collies.
    Wow!! Fantastic day. Brilliant sunshine, freezing cold, ice and snow on the ground on the tops. The views were awesome all the way round. We must have walked past the waterfall lots of times and never noticed it was there. Definitely a hidden gem and much enjoyed. We will definitely do it again probably over the summer to get a different perspective in different conditions.
    We are now looking for the next one to do on your website……….
    Best Wishes
    Sue and Stephen Mason, Zac and Bex

  • Sue Duncan says:

    Thankyou for sharing your experience of walking in the dales it is a truly inspiring read .
    Many Thanks

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