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A walk from Porthmadog

November 24, 2020

A walk from Portmadog has the lot. Moel-y-Gest is a fine mountain that overlooks the town with excellent views. In addition the coastline to the west is lovely with rocky promontories.

The Walk

Pothmadog is one of my favourite places to visit in Wales. I prefer this area of coastline on the west to those on the north, the scenery being superb. Porthmadog is quite a large town on the edge of the Llyn Peninsula overlooking the estuary of Tremadoc Bay. The attractive coastline is protected from the worst of the weather and is characterised by rocky inlets and delectable bays of sand. Further west, after the golf course, it turns its face more directly west and becomes wilder and more exposed.

Inland Porthmadog is hemmed in by the Marilyn mountain of Moel-y-Gest. It is a rugged hill of not much height (less than 900 feet) but the lack of height is made up for by the long summit ridge. The ridge reminded me of the great Scottish mountain of Suilven. Clearly though it is not as dramatic or remote. However the shape of the hill and the way it rises from the land around, with two distinct ‘peaks’ at either end of the ridge is very similar. There is even an unlikely wall cutting directly over the col. What were there builders thinking!

The walk from Portmadog shown on the sketch map combines coast and mountain in the most efficient way. It ends with the impressive views from the eastern peak of Moel-y-Gest.


Walk past the golf course before cutting back inland. There are some good views of the Llyn Peninsula and to the south. Alternatively return to the east side of the course and head north.

Navigation Tips on the walk from Porthmadog

On approaching Moel-y-Gest from the south make sure you follow the obvious path on the ground which cuts north east towards the col. Do not take a direct line to the summit. On this approach you will be confronted by a high dry stone wall (with no access I could see) and a mass of thorns and heather.

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