Where is this walk?

A walk from Rothbury

May 29, 2024

Most visitors to Rothbury either walk along the River Coquet or head for the Simonside Hills. However this walk from Rothbury heads north through the woods to a pleasant area of open moorland capped by the unnamed trig point at Brae Head.

The Walk

Rothbury is a popular town midway between the coast and the higher Cheviot hills. Many use it as a base for a walking break, partly attracted by the sandstone hills of Simonside to the south and partly the proximity to Alnwick. The town lies on the River Coquet and surrounded by low moors and woodland. It makes for pleasant walking. After exploring the Simonside Hills it is worth heading north to discover the moors and open views over the valley.

The walk starts off through Addycombe Woods; a mixed woodland of character, interest and if you look carefully red squirrels. A satellite station draws the eye on emerging from the woods and Ship Crag provides some good views over Rothbury. The wide estate and forestry tracks make for quick access in the area, I curtailed the walk at the twin summits of Brae Head (my name, unnamed on the O/S maps). Interestingly it is the lower summit which has the trig point.

For those who want to continue on the walk you can continue north over Cartington Hill to the Marilyn of Long Crag.


There is a lot of history in the area around Rothbury. Iron and Stone age remains have been discovered and included on this walk. Find out more here.

Navigation Tips on this short walk from Rothbury

Walking in forests can be confusing. There are often a number of wide forest tracks which go nowhere useful for the humble walker. They are for the workings of the forest itself as tempting as they look when you are on them. I have ended up a long distance from where I want to be a few times with a long return simply due to a lack of concentration.

Moving off the tracks is also daunting. Walking in a forest off track is very difficult.

It is important to plan your route through the forest before you start the walk. There may well be a Right of Way that heads between the forestry tracks. It is probably signposted so be careful to head off on a likely path when there is no signpost. Just remember if you get lost in a forest it is impossible to see your way out of it!

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