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A walk in Grizedale Forest

May 27, 2018

Taking a walk in Grizedale Forest is best left for a wet or windy day. The routes are well marked and the cafe is good. The walking itself though does suffer from the constant presence of the gloomy trees. Great for bikers.

The Walk

Taking a walk through a forest is something I would not like to do on a regular basis. I love views, the wide open spaces and the big skies which typify most walks. Having said that I found the couple of hours on a wet and windy day in Grizedale Forest an interesting experience. I headed for Grizedale Tarn on the ‘white Route’ to give a purpose to the walk. Dark, closely cropped, uniform conifers may satisfy the OCD in some of us but an excess, similar to that which confronted me on the Southern Upland Way, could floor the most tolerant.

The Forestry Commission have once again done a good job in way marking the walking routes. They have also some interesting statues and structures for children to play on. There is also an excellent visitors centre at Grizedale itself. I chose the Grizedale Tarn route as there appeared to be a purpose to the walk (I nearly missed the tarn!). No doubt I will return to visit Carron Crag at some stage which allegedly has an excellent viewpoint. Next time I will probably take a bike. This is certainly more the terrain for a cyclist than a walker.


Do not choose the long 10 mile trail to walk. If you do not get lost you will certainly go crackers!

Navigation Tips in Grizedale Forest

Walking in forests can be very confusing. Although the trails are well marked for a walk in Grizedale Forest there are many other forest tracks that are not.

For practice it may be worth treating the walk like a maze and deliberately getting lost and finding your way out. It is good practice for anyone taking on the Scottish mountains.

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  • Gary says:

    Walked in Grizedale last week. Nice walk but many uprooted trees. Some blocking walking tracks. Had to climb over or go around a fair few trees. Some tracks were closed.

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