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A Wensleydale Highway

August 1, 2019

The Wensleydale Highway is a short walk from Hawes to the pretty village of Burtersett. The walk is through farm lanes and fields with great views down Wensleydale. It returns via a quiet road.

The Walk

This short walk helped convert me to Wensleydale. A glorious summer’s evening with a low sun casting its light down the length of Wensleydale. The result is surely one of the best views in England. The soft valley sides, isolated farm buildings and farmers on tractors working to bring in the hay combined with intermittentĀ copses of woodland. The result altered my impression of the dale. Previously I had always felt lacked the drama and interest of its neighbours to the north and south. Not now.

The walk itself is straightforward. It passes through fields enablingĀ ample opportunity to look around and enjoy the view without any concerns on where I was putting my feet. In addition the two villages, Burtersett and Gayle, are both attractive and quiet Dales villages. It is difficult to believe that they are both within a mile or two of the chaos that often reigns in Hawes. The restored mill in Gayle (closed in 2019 but due to open in 2021) looks as though it would be worth a visit. I have heard reports that it is very good value for money.

However I must return to the views down the valley which is the clear highlight of the walk. From Gayle there are good views over Hawes to the north but soon I was entranced by those along towards Bainbridge and Askrigg and later up Wether Hill (itself a popular walk from Burtersett). I just wish the Shoulder of Mutton was still open.


A short walk for a summer’s evening, just make sure the sun is shining!

Navigation Tips on the Wensleydale Highway

When a walk like the Wensleydale Highway passes through many fields and the path is difficult to see on the ground just look ahead for stiles. There is always a stile through a wall or fence on a public right of way.

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  • Anne-Marie TAYLOR says:

    We stayed in Burtersett this summer and walked this way into Hawes a number of times. Fantastic views.

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