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Walk to Hardraw Force

September 18, 2018

The walk to Hardraw Force from Hawes is along the River Ure. The 100 foot falls, set in some attractive woodland, make the walk worthwhile. There is a new cafe and shop at the entrance to the waterfall (small charge).

The Walk

The walk to Hardraw Force is certainly something that should be done when visiting the Yorkshire Dales. It is apparently the highest single drop waterfall in England at over 100 foot and is situated at the end of a quiet area of woodland. Hardraw Force can only be accessed through the new and pleasant heritage centre, shop and cafe. A good break on the walk. The Green Dolphin pub is also on site for those after a pint!

The walk through the woods is very short and not worthy of the name so I have extended it to Hawes and a lovely section of the River Ure. I also have included a section of the old railway and a visit to the pretty village of Appersett which does create a very pleasant half day walk.  Sadly you are not obliged to walk through the Green Dolphin pub and pay your £1 anymore. There is a small fee payable at the visitor centre.


The walk between Hawes and Hardraw is very pleasant and adds to the visit to the falls.

Navigation Tips at Hardraw Force

The path to Hardraw is just over the road bridge. A signpost points the way.

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  • Sue Hickey says:

    We attempted this walk, but when we arrived at the disused railway, our way was barred with barbed wire and there was a notice saying that that there was no public access. We could not find another path near to the railway, but had our o/s map and followed a path which took us over the top of the hill to Thorns.

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