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Addingham to Bolton Abbey

October 10, 2019

The walk from Addingham to Bolton Abbey climbs to Haw Pike past Chelker Reservoir with a return along the River Wharfe. There are some lovely views from Haw Pike whilst Bolton Abbey is of course special.

The Walk

To date I have only included 2 walks south of Skipton, Ilkley Moor being one and the route past Chelker Reservoir from Addingham and back along the River Wharfe being another. This is one of the best routes to explore Bolton Abbey. It is initially, and intriguingly, glimpsed on the route down from the high point of Haw Pike. I suggest visiting Chelker Reservoir and Haw Pike direct through the golf course from Addingham as the walk is then spread out in front of you and leaves the choices of how to return from Beamsley hamlet to later.

Chelker Reservoir is a much better place since the rusted turbines were removed in 2015. As someone who is basically conservation minded I am increasingly anti wind turbines. The power that they actually generate is not so much the concern. It is more the environmental impact on their construction and devastating results when they are finished with.

I visited Beamsley Woods on the return before dropping back to the River Wharfe bankside path. Many will want to climb Beamsley Hill and fair play as it is a good vantage point. However I was keen to admire the power of the River Wharfe and explore the spectacular weir at Addingham so the woods and river won out.


Take time to explore Addingham. As an old textile town the mills are still there to be seen and visited, Low Mill surviving as a viable industry as late as 1976.

Navigation Tips Addingham to Bolton Abbey

This is one of the rare occasions I visit a place that is not in access land or on a right of Way. Haw Pike has such spectacular views.

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