Where is this walk?

Beamsley Beacon

July 7, 2017

Beamsley Beacon stands proud over the A59 between Skipton and Harrogate. It is a quiet area considering how near it is to Bolton Abbey. The short walk to the beacon can be extended to Round Hill.

The Walk

Having looked over Beamsley Beacon (1298’/393 ms) and the broad ridge leading to Round Hill many times as I drove up Beamsley Hill I have often been tempted to explore further. However when I did and found it pleasant, with outstanding views and some historical interest. However once past the Beacon the walk deteriorates in interest. Therefore on this walk, I would stick to the relatively short pull up to the Beacon and its mini friend (the Old Pike) 200 metres further on. Round Hill is worth visiting. However it is best done from Ilkley in a larger circuit. This has the advantage of not having to repeat the ridge between Round Hill and the Beacon.

The history comes from the Beacon itself which has been a lookout post for many centuries. Whilst that is not surprising, the fact that Bronze Age man also used the spot of the beacon as a burial site or possibly some type of hideaway some 4,000 years ago is. Now it is farmers, grouse shooters and a flock of walkers who visit the beacon and deserving of continued attention it undoubtedly is.


Enjoy the views across to Bolton Abbey. It is amazing how many people will be there when you are on your own on Beamsley Beacon. Who is the most sensible?

Navigation Tips on Beamsley Beacon

Rather than park at Langber extend the walk a little by starting at Beamsley and taking one of the short cuts through the wood. A return via the road may seem uninspiring. Howevre this is not the case here, the views are excellent and the roads are very quiet.


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