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Bolton Abbey walk

September 10, 2018

As the River Wharfe careers out of Wharfedale it passes the remains of Bolton Abbey. The short walk passes the ruins and continues up the far side of the river for a mile to the Cavendish Pavilion, returning on the near side.

The Walk

The ruins of Bolton Abbey are a dramatic site. The monks that resided there in the  400 years prior to its Dissolution (courtesy of Henry VIII and his marriage difficulties in 1539) had a great impact on the surrounding area and affected the lives of all who lived nearby. The site is well worth a visit, the Parish Church itself is still in excellent condition. The stepping stones on the nearby River Wharfe have attracted many a family, including mine, with its wide and spacious banks and can become very busy on bank holidays and summer weekends

Although written as a walk it is very short and little more than a wander through the woods on the far side of the river  and is in reality a continuation of the longer Strid walk. The walk is short, only a mile up to the Cavendish Pavilion and the same back. As a result this breaks up the frollicking in the river and the pleasures of walking through the abbey ruins.


An alternative walk is to park up in Storiths and walk down to the river on the quieter side.

Navigation Tips at Bolton Abbey

The bridge is opposite the Cavendish Pavilion

  • JoH says:

    The parking here costs £10. You have to book and pay online in advance and present your barcode at the gate. Beautiful walk, so pretty.

  • Andrew says:

    Has anyone stayed at the Devonshire Arms?

    • Jonathan says:

      In my past life I used to put work colleagues up here. All very pleased, high quality good restaurant but lacks atmosphere. If price no real issue the Angel at Hetton is best whereas cheaper Red Lion at Burnsall has character and great restaurant and situation

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