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Arncliffe Circular walk

February 25, 2018

The Arncliffe Circular walk leaves Littondale on an excellent bridleway. It climbs up the moors heading towards, but not reaching, Malham Tarn. The return has views over Upper Wharfedale and across to Buckden Pike.

The Walk

I am always looking for new walks out of Littondale. This is because it is one of my favourite dales in the Yorkshire Dales, to me nowhere quite characterises the Dales like Littondale. Therefore I headed up the Monks Road from the Falcon Inn with my faithful hound by my side. My aim was to complete a circular walk across the limestone moors towards Malham. I never made it to Malham Tarn, cutting south at the large group of buildings that make up Middle Farm. However the views were excellent and the walking exhilarating. It is a great walk for a real appreciation of what is good about the Dales.

It was a cold but dry winter’s day which made the walk even more enjoyable. The ground was frozen underfoot and there was snow patches tucked under sheltered limestone scars. The rough grasslands had turned brown which contrasted nicely with the blue sky and low sun. As long as you wrap up warm a cold winters day makes for excellent walking.


The section from Street Gate to Arncliffe Cote forms part of the Bracken Way, a long distance footpath well worth looking at.

Navigation Tips for Arncliffe Circular walk

This is one of those occasions when the right of way is not followed exactly by the path on the ground. The green dashes shown on an O/S map as a footpath will not be walked on, the black dashes signify the path on the ground. This is because the path on the ground follows an easier route than the original public right of way. At some stage the O/S will change the green dashes to match the path on the ground.

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