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Hidden Valleys of Wharfedale

February 18, 2020

Littondale and Langstrothdale are two of the hidden valleys of Wharfedale. Linking them in a long walk makes for one of the best days out in the Yorkshire Dales. If you do one walk do this.

The Walk

The smaller valleys off Upper Wharfedale offer, in my opinion, the best walking in the Dales. The valleys of Littondale and Langstrothdale are the supreme and I was determined to combine them in one single walk. After much poring over the map and some reconnaissance in the valleys I ended up walking in a square with the points being the quartet of lovely villages/hamlets of Litton, Halton Gill, Yockenthwaite and Hubberholme. Only in the short stage of road walking after Hubberholme was the route lacking any real interest.

The rest of the walk is an absolute delight; the 2 stretches of river walking separated by two excellent bridleways which pass over the tops; a legacy of how travel was accomplished prior to the advent of cars. The remote settlements of Halton Gill and Yockenthwaite are little more than extended farms and typify the classic nature of traditional Yorkshire stone buildings blending in beautifully with the surrounding landscape. There are none better.

The walk is further enhanced by the tranquility, helped by the lack of people who frequent the two valleys; in particular Littondale is all but unknown to the flocks who stay in lower Wharfedale. This is a walk I will happily repeat and show anyone who wants to get a real feel for the Dales.


For those hunting the Marilyn (highest point) on the ridge it is to the right as the track goes up from Halton Gill and not at either of the 2 OS pillars which can be seen on the bridleways over.

The Hidden Valleys of Wharfedale is one of the best 20 walks in the Dales.

Navigation Tips on the Valleys of Wharfedale walk

There are no particularly difficult navigation decisions on the walk. Stick to the Dales Way between Hubberholme and Raisgill.

  • jim turner says:

    Is it feasible to start th walk at Buckden using the car park there as a meeting point. There is likely to be up to 10 vehicles or will your original start point accommodate that number?

    Many thanks

  • Tanya Wall says:

    How far is the walk and is it suitable for very active youngsters and/or novices?

    • Jonathan says:

      It’s a splendid walk but a little remote. The active youngsters will always enjoy the walks but if you are a novice avoid the walk if there is cloud or mist on the hills.

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