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A walk near Appletreewick

September 4, 2019

This walk near Appletreewick is full of variety. It takes in riverside walking along the Wharfe, the valley of Trollers Gill and some great views down Wharfedale and over Simon’s Seat.

The Walk

Surrounded by the hot spots of Burnsall, Grassington and Bolton Abbey the pretty little village of Appletreewick is not quite an oasis of tranquility but the countryside that surrounds it offers an excellent walk without lots of unwelcome company. The river bank of the Wharfe is also easier to relax by than those near Grassington or Burnsall, whilst the moors above Appletreewick offer extensive views from the excellent bridleway.

The valley of Trollers Gill is full of interest and intrigue (try and get a view of Parcevall Hall from the path, what are the mysterious mine workings?) and worth spending sometime exploring. The route passes three camp sites which I always feel has a positive effect on an area. The people staying tend to be enthused by outdoor living and outdoor attitudes. The walkers I met were relaxed and happy, the locals friendly and this is certainly one of my favourite walks.


Ignore the no public access notice on the track to the river – it is very old and there are no complaints from the locals.

Navigation Tips on a walk near Appletreewick

Start the walk to the west of Appletreewick not the track from the centre. It has less stiles and is generally quicker and more pleasant.

  • Matt Jackson says:

    I’d like to add a welcome addition to the top end of the walk.
    As you leave the bridleway at New road and onto the path crossing towards Trollers Gill, when you join the track there’s a permissive path that leads towards Stump cross caverns, follow that and you’ll drop down above Trollers Gill and then theres a further permissive path that follows the beck down through the gill. It’s not the most obvious path but you basically follow the stream. (probably not wise to do if in flood as you have to cross the beck a few times so make sure you have waterproof boots!) Then you join the path again as you go down pass Parcevail Hall.

  • jane says:

    I’m new to walking. How do I get the actual route for a walk from this website?
    Do I need the OS map too?

    • Jonathan says:

      You should take your map on to the walk. Transfer the route form the sketch map provided. I do not believe in providing step by step instructions, it is too easy to get lost and once lost it is imposssible to recover!
      Always take a map. Jonathan

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