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Countryside of Pateley Bridge

April 2, 2021

The Countryside of Pateley Bridge walk lies in the heart of Nidderdale. Although not part of the YD National park the countryside is very similar. This walk covers the river, industrial remains all set amongst rolling countryside.

The Walk

The Nidderdale Way passes through some pretty countryside as it winds its way north towards the wilder lands of the Upper Nidd. On this walk I headed out of Pateley Bridge to circle the Nabs. I then continued over the shoulder of Heathfields before leaving the Nidderdale Way in order to visit the pretty village of Wath. Finally I stuck to the east bank on the return in to Pateley Bridge.

Although I knew little about Nidderdale when I first did this walk I was pleasantly surprised. For example I was unaware of the old lead mines at the far end of the Nabs. Unfortunately the large camp site which lies beyond was less pleasant. Further on Wath is an attractive small village on the banks of the River Nidd. Apparently the hotel is one of the most popular wedding and function venues for the Harrogate ‘set’. The stroll back alongside the river to Pateley Bridge is a relaxing way to end the walk.

As I write this I cannot help thinking I am using such terms as pleasant, nice, enjoyable which really sums up the walk. It is fine and gives an excellent introduction to this relatively unspoilt area. Not being in the Dales (classed as an area of AONB) appears to have done Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale no harm. The valley should be explored and enjoyed for what it is; pleasant, nice, interesting.


It is worth exploring the village of Pateley Bridge. It is well situated, there are some interesting shops and the parking policy is enlightened.

Navigation Tips in the countryside of Pateley Bridge

There is a common held view that the two most likely places to get lost on a walk are right at the start or leaving a summit. On this walk it is not easy to see the start of the walk on crossing over the river. Take the path signed rather than heading further up the main road to the Nidderdale Way.

  • Tom Mason says:

    We both had a fantastic navigation day & walk with Jonathan, we learned so much about how to use a map and be more observational ! The walk was well planned with lots of places of interest and plenty of stops to allow us to study the map and take compass bearings. The natural beauty in the countryside around Pateley Bridge was breathtaking, and we are now a lot more confident with a map in hand and looking forward to exploring further afield and broadening our walking horizons. We would thoroughly recommend walking and navigating with Jonathan, a great experience from start to finish.
    Tom & Steph

  • Jean Wilkinson says:

    Can you tell me the location of the S——Falls near Pateley Bridge.
    Sorry but this is the nearest I can get to the correct name.
    Thank you

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