Where is this walk?

Dufton Pike

May 31, 2019

A short, steep climb will bring you to the summit of Dufton Pike. It is an excellent peak, reminiscent of much of the northern Lake District. The views over the moors offer an interesting contrast.

The Walk

The fittest people in the country must live in Dufton. The temptation to take on the¬†short, but unremittingly steep slopes above this pretty village may not be immediately obvious. However once you have enjoyed the excellent views from the small summit plateau it must be tempting to climb the slopes on a regular basis. It is a great little peak, separated from the main Pennine massif and Brownber Fell by a deep ravine. In fact the ravine is so deep it appears you could fall directly in to from the summit. The summit area is unique as there is not a stone to be seen and certainly no sign of a cairn. Only in the Howgills have I seen anything similar. It is an evening walk for the connoisseur. In particular on a summer’s evening when the views towards the Lake District fells with a setting sun memorable.

The steep sides plunge at least 500 feet in all directions making this a ‘Marilyn‘ and one of only a few in the area. Most of the area is one large, uniform plateau and Dufton Pike stands out like a sore thumb or rather a small slice of a very large cake.


From the summit it is worth continuing to the north. There is a pretty dell to visit.

Navigation Tips on Dufton Pike

There are two common places where people make navigational errors. The first is starting the walk in a village and the second is from a summit. There is no perspective from a summit, nothing to look for, so in the cloud always take a compass and follow a correct bearing.

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