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Great Dun Fell

May 31, 2017

The walk crosses some wild Pennine country before emerging at the golf ball of Great Dun Fell. The return is partly down the access road but does give an opportunity to view the Northern Lakes from an unusual position.

The Walk

A surprising walk in so many ways! The highest road in Britain, one of the better sections of the Pennine Way, old mine workings and of course a ruddy great golf ball (sorry radar station) on the summit. The pretty village of Dufton offers a good start for this eleven mile walk (fifteen if you carry on to Cross Fell). From here the route gradually climbs past some old mining works and on to the slopes of Green Fell. The golf ball has been a companion for a number of miles. Keep aiming for this obvious landmark along a faint path and then join the road.

The tarmac road (the highest in the country, but private for cars) offers a quick descent to the valley floor. However more sensible walkers will take the obvious signposted path across the moorland. This contours the slopes of Green Fell to join the upward track after a mile and a half. For anyone who travels the M6 towards Penrith and has constantly seen the white radar station at the top of a line of fells this walk will satisfy them immensely. The station is part of the air traffic control system for the north of England.


For those who have not yet climbed Cross Fell the extra 4 mile return (1 hour or so) is worthwhile but those who have crossed before will be unlikely to do it again.

Navigation Tips on Great Dun Fell

From Dufton to Great Dun Fell the route follows the Pennine Way. This means it is well signposted and the path is fairly well trodden.

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